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"God Is Leading You To A Leap"

November 22, 2022 Season 2 Episode 27
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"God Is Leading You To A Leap"
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Show Notes

God is leading you to a leap...

It's time to move! Many of us are in a time of transition. You're in a place that's familiar, but it's not made to last!

God wants to help you let go!

This season is ending and a new one is beginning.

I want to encourage you, ask the Lord to show you what He wants you to LET GO so you can move into a new season.

When you move, you sell some things or GIVE SOME THINGS AWAY so you can move INTO THE NEW!

This is an open door for you.

Allow the Lord to show you what habits, attitudes, beliefs, FEARS, He want you to LET GO so you can ENTER INTO THE NEW!

The Lord showed me many of us are on the 11TH FLOOR and He wants to take you to the 12TH FLOOR!

The number 11 represents a time when things are changing from one level of order - to another level of order - KINGDOM ORDER.

The Lord wants better for you.

He wants to walk with you.

Ask the Lord to show you how to enter into the NEXT.

Don't stay here!

Put your faith in God and trust Him to take you to the NEXT!

I encourage you to submit this Word to prayer. Make it personal!

Add your faith to the Word and ACT.


I ask you to accept His invitation.

God bless you.


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