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"Jubilee: Your Rights & How To Pray"

January 11, 2023 Season 3 Episode 1
FaithFire Media
"Jubilee: Your Rights & How To Pray"
Show Notes

I keep hearing “know your rights” as it pertains to Jubilee. 

I’ve been asking the Lord, “Does Jubilee just happen?”

Is it by default that Jubilee will manifest?

The answer is no. 

In the Word, the Jubilee grants us rights, it doesn’t just happen. 

The person who has lost their property for whatever the reason, has to demand their property back, in some cases. 

If the current owner doesn’t release the property that rightfully belongs to someone, they have the legal right to take possession. But they very well might have to confront the current property owner and demand they turn over what’s rightfully belonging to the original owner.
We need to ask or even demand our property be returned. 

Now, we are talking about primarily spiritual property, intangible property that you’ve been promised. 

Every single one of God’s promises is your inheritance. It belongs to you. It is your property. 

Somewhere along the way, you might have relinquished what is rightfully yours. We’re talking about things like: love, joy, peace, patience, the entire fruit of the Spirit. We might be talking about freedom, and health. Overall, we’re talking about wholeness. 

Where are you not whole? Do you want the Spirit of the Lord to heal you?

I believe this is the hour for some of us to demand from heaven what is rightfully ours. 

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