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Sermon: Dying With Jesus

January 26, 2023 FaithFire Media Season 3 Episode 2
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Sermon: Dying With Jesus
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Show Notes

This is a message released on July 3, 2022 at Catch the Fire in Greensboro, NC

As I sat and listened to the Lord to prepare this message from His heart, He took me to an image of a seed.

And I saw this seed on the ground.

And then it went deeper into the ground.

Rain, footsteps, wind, they all took the seed deeper into the ground.

And the Lord began to minister to me about the power of a seed that is deep in the ground.

It’s covered.

Sometimes for years…

It’s surrounded by darkness.

It’s alone.

But it’s packed with power.

Power that is waiting to be unleashed and made visible and useful and fruitful and reproductive.

So, this seed endures.

It goes through wind and rain and trials and stomping.

It’s forgotten by everyone else.

No one notices, except God.

It’s just lying there and getting trampled and covered and sinking lower and lower and lower.

It seems abusive.

When actually, it’s useful.

It’s necessary.

It’s part of the process of bringing out the power inside that seed.

Friends, you, and I, all of us are that seed.

We’re created to reproduce.

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