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Fight For Your Jubilee!

February 09, 2023 FaithFire Media Season 3 Episode 6
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Fight For Your Jubilee!
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Show Notes

As we walk through this year of Jubilee, many of us will feel like weโ€™re still in the wilderness and have not yet found our inheritance, our promised land. 

Truly, some of us will have to fight. 

The truth is this, the enemy is a lawbreaker and trespasser. 

He will trespass as long as we allow him to, in some cases. 

Where you are experiencing warfare is always a place where the enemy is looking to take away what is rightfully yours in Christ Jesus. 

We can take great joy and encouragement from Caleb, who after 45 years of fighting, came to Joshua and made a demand for his inheritance. 

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