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The Lord says, "You will find me in the new"

August 19, 2023 FaithFire Media Season 3 Episode 36
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The Lord says, "You will find me in the new"
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There is a new breed required for the Kingdom work at hand.

They must be mold breakers.

This world needs lions of the faith who are not restrained by the traditions of men.

So, they have to break out of the old authority structures who were too afraid to break out themselves.

Purity will only come by a revolution.

It will look to some like rebellion.

But it’s just refinement, instead of confinement.

This generation will be:

1. Provocative
2. Rejected by rigid leadership 
3. Pioneering
4. Strong
5. Determined
6. Connected 
7. Holt Spirit dependent
8. Well pleasing to the Lord

If you’re feeling this way, you’ve been rejected for simply following the Lord, be encouraged !!

You are being refined by the Lord Himself and He is with you. 

Colossians 3:23 (NKJV)
"And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men."

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Speaker 1:

Good afternoon, hello, and thanks for breaking away from what you were normally doing to hop on this live, spend a lot of time with the Lord in the middle of the night over this, and I believe the Lord wants me to release this word for those who he is assigned to hear it, and so I believe God is going to bring every ear and every eye, every heart, to this word that needs to receive it from this ministry. But it is an exciting time in the kingdom and God really wants to stir us up. He's stirring us up to do things we've never seen in the natural. Many of us have discerned it. We feel called to something. I don't know if this is you. You feel a dissatisfaction in the faith that you feel like you're being restrained. You might feel like there aren't people that understand what you've seen, what you've heard. They might not get it, and that's okay, and so this is going to be an encouragement for a lot of people, and I know that it might come off sounding independent-minded or rebellious, but this is what the Spirit of the Lord has been showing me for years that there is an accounting happening in the body of Christ, that he is bringing in his heart at a new level. He is increasing the purity in the body, and this new wine has to find a new wine skin. And the Bible says there are those who will say the old wine is better. In fact, let me start with that verse and then I'm just going to go into the word of the Lord. How about that? Thanks so much for being here. So let's read that verse. It says Hold on, thank you, lord. It's on the screen there, but I do want to mention this and read it straight from the Scriptures that there is a knack, there is a default position where we think the old is better because we're steeped in tradition. We're steeped in tradition and the Lord has always meant for us to be more concerned with what he's doing now. Amen. And so when we want new wine, we've been praying for revival. We've been looking for God to do mighty things, but the old stands in the way of the new. I'm going to share a dream I had just last night. It's in a series of dreams I've been having over the years since 2020. God is doing this new thing and he's got to have vessels to carry the new wine. These vessels are going to be accused of being rebellious and heretical and all these things. But there is a voice from God to encourage you to confirm and affirm your faith, to affirm your walk. Now, you're not crazy. I just want someone to hear me. You're not crazy. Luke 5.39 says and no one having drunk old wine immediately desires new. For he says the old is better. We say these things all the time the good old days, right, oh, when I was a kid. That's our nature. We think things were better back then. But the book of Ecclesiastes you can look it up literally says do not say that the old days or days past were better. It's not the spirit of the Lord that causes you to do that. God is always doing a new thing. He's in the new thing. In fact, I'm going to talk about that in a second. God is saying you will find him in the new thing. You will find him in the new thing. No one having drunk old wine, he says no one. That means our nature is if it's new, we say it's not true. Have you ever heard someone say that? I've heard pastors say if it's new, it's not true. Well, when John the Baptist showed up, it was that he was new, and everyone who knew the word was like this isn't true. So Jesus came to later says the baptism of John, of God or of men. They didn't know how to answer them because a part of them was wondering, is it true? But because tradition was their teacher, they didn't want to shift. To prepare the way. How do you prepare the way? You get stuff that's been blocking off of the road? Prepare the way. So I'm binding and I'm removing and I'm ushering out all the old things that have clogged the pipe and the cause the pipe to be clogged in the move of the spirit, the power of God, the anointing that's on the new has not been allowed, and so there's got to be a preparing of the way. Your mind cannot comprehend the things God has in store for those who love him, and I just really need to say that Bible says I has not seen, neither ear heard the things that God has prepared for those who love him. There is no way for you to comprehend. Job is preaching. You cannot comprehend the mind of God. There is no way. And so we've got to humble ourselves and get off of the criticism. There's so much right now, so much criticism in the body of Christ, it's beginning to irk me. There's so much criticism in the body of Christ, people that are saying, oh man, this person is doing it this way. This isn't the Bible. Listen, I get it. We don't want to be pulled into idolatry, we don't want to be pulled into heresy, but there is a new that comes from God, there is a new that comes from the spirit of God, and what we've got to be able to do is appreciate, when we see it. The new thing, it will not seem godly at first. The new thing and I'm just trying to help somebody the new thing will not sound godly at first. It will not. It will. It will sound like heresy, it will look like heresy, it will. It will look like the person's trying to build a name for themselves. That is not what's going on. The new, the Bible says the new immediately does not seem better. No-transcript, luke 539, and no one, zero zilch, no one in the natural, having drunk old wine, immediately desires the new. When people get used to the way church has been, when people get used to the way God has been moving and how God operates, and they think that's the only way and they figured it out, they've allowed their theology to now match what they believe about God. And then God comes and does a new thing. It doesn't seem right, because the old seems better. It says that no one, having drunk old wine, immediately desires new, for he says the old is better. So, frank, where are you getting at? Let me get in, let me get into the word a little bit more, then I'll give you the dreams that I had last night, that the Spirit of the Lord has just been pressing on me to share portions of that expose what he's doing in the earth. He is bringing a battering ram to the things that we've put up, the walls that we've put up in our hearts. He is breaking down walls in our hearts that we have erected to preserve the old thing. Come on, so here's what happens. We complain about the current events, but we don't like God to come in and do a new thing that we've never seen before, to change what we know can't stand. We get so upset with unsustainable wickedness and unsustainable idolatry, unsustainable sin, unsustainable things that are happening around us. We want God to change. So we pray. God answers our prayer by bringing in ministers, vessels who are carrying a new thing, and then we criticize those that are doing the new thing because they're doing it in a new way, they're doing it in a new position, they're doing it with new language, they're doing it with music that doesn't sound like ours, and so the religious spirit cuts off what God is doing. What does that mean? Let's go to the book of Mark. Let's go to the book of Mark. In the book of Mark, god listened to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. In the book of Mark, remember God? He marveled at their unbelief. He marveled Jesus shows up. And it says in Mark 6 and 5, now he could do no mighty work there, except that he laid his hands on a few sick people and healed them. So he wanted to do more. But people were expecting the Messiah to come in different way. And he says he marveled because of their unbelief. He's like I don't understand, I'm astounded by your lack of faith. And then he went about the villages in a circuit teaching meaning he left and he began to teach people because he had to show them the heart of the Father, because they could not contain, they didn't have the new wine skin. Their hearts were hardened to the move of God. Listen to Mark 7 and 7. Mark 7 and 7 says In vain they worship me teaching as doctrines the commandments of men. In vain they worship me teaching as doctrines the commandments of men, so I can be in the faith and be walking in vanity. I could be thinking I'm doing the same thing that God has told me to do, because I've been following the commandments of men, which is tradition, I'm following the traditions of men, and then, because I'm doing it the way that people have expected me to do it, I think I'm serving God. But because I have no ability and capacity for the new, I'm worshiping God in vain. That should break our hearts, that it's possible to worship the Lord in vain. It's happening and God is speaking to it. God is speaking to it. Can I share this with you? Can I share this with you? There is a new breed required for the work at hand. So the earth, the world, is changing and there's a new breed required, and they have to be mold breakers. They have to be mold breakers. They've got to break out of the things that have constrained the church from shining, and this world needs lions of the faith who are not restrained by the traditions of men. So they've got to break out of the old authority structures who were too afraid to break out themselves. So people want you to be afraid of the things they're afraid of. Purity will only come by a revolution. It will look to some like rebellion, but it's just refinement instead of confinement. So things that have been confined, when they refuse to be confined anymore, they're going to look like rebels, but they're not doing it for the sake of the people, they're not doing it for their own good and for their own will. They just want to be free to serve God in the fullness of who they are. And so it's not confinement for this new breed, for them to break out. They're not in bondage, they're not being demonically inspired. No, they've been refined and their appetite is for the purity of God's power, the purity of God's move, the purity of God's heart. They will be taught by God. It's so uncomfortable that God is taking people through school right now, and I'm not saying that means that there is no need for for mentorship and submission to authority. What I'm saying is there are people and it might be you who have been getting dreams and visions. You've been, you've been hearing God and the things you're seeing God talk about and the things God is exposing, you're like man, you're uncomfortable with it because it's so raw or it's so it seems, critical of the things we're doing now. But it is, and God is saying these things are not built on me, and so I'm changing it. And so many of us, we don't know what to say, we don't know how to say it, and so we're praying and we're afraid, we're kind of in caves and we're trying to figure out. Am I under a spell? No, god is raising up people who will not be confined by traditions that don't match scripture. God is raising up people who won't be confined by behavior, ministry, activity that doesn't look like how Jesus walked the earth. God is raising up people that when they read the book of Acts, they say this is how it should be. It doesn't have to look exactly the same because we live in a new time, but the principles are the same that we are about the ministry of the word and prayer. That we are about making all things common. That we are about the fullness of the gifts of the spirit. That we are about the fullness of the gifts of the spirit. That we are about street preaching under the anointing of God and people hearing God for themselves and coming into the kingdom that they're reading the book of Acts and they're saying greater it works. Shall I do? Because that was your word to me, god. So when I see the book of Acts, we should be doing greater works. Where is it? And God's showing people. And so God is saying you're going to find me in the new thing. That's the word of the Lord for you. He says you will find me in the new thing, you will find me in the new thing. Jeremiah 33 and 3 call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know. God says in the scriptures that a scribe will pull old things and new things out of the word, and so God reserves the right to always be doing the new thing. We cannot figure out God and say, no, we've got it handled, we've got our theology down pat. Everyone, when we see everything, we know exactly that it's God or it's not. But the question becomes who gets glory? If the God is getting the glory, then it's God. And we're so hard to change and God's got to bring the change, sometimes through some very difficult and provocative circumstances. I want to encourage somebody. If you've been feeling like you've been rejected. You've been feeling like you don't fit. Be encouraged, you're being refined by the Lord Himself. You are being refined by the Lord Himself. The book of Daniel, chapter 3. I've been there since 2020, when the Lord just kept waking me up and showing me the number 327 now and end up in Daniel 327, and I knew this was the Word of God. So Daniel 3 talks about Shadrach, meshach and Abednego, and they they go into the refiner's fire and it was exceeding the hot. So they're in this, this hot situation, but they've done nothing wrong. They had kept themselves pure from Babylon and Babylon hated it and everyone else around them. I mean, there's only four people in all of Scripture that that, in Daniel at least, that that the Lord holds up as pure Daniel, shadrach, meshach and Abednego. Four out of a nation, four out of a nation. Now we know there was a prophet prophesying other than Daniel, but my point is, four out of a huge number of people were pure. So so the purity comes to a remnant. The purity comes to a, a small number, first for the purpose of preserving the purity, but also to proclaim it. So you're in a refiner's fire, like Shadrach and Meshach and Abednego. You're going into this exceedingly hot fire and and and the world around you is saying turn up the fire hotter, kill these people, kill their voice, kill their purity. They refused to bow to things we've been bowing to we. They refused to bow to things that the organization and the structure say they should bow to you. But they fell down bound, meaning they fell before the Lord. They, they couldn't help it. The fire was hot. They had been. They were being restrained by those that didn't understand their purity and they were pushed into this fire on their faces. And we know what happened. It says there were four in the fire. One of them looked like the Son of God. You're gonna be taught by God through the fire. Jesus is with you while you're being refined. There's a, there's a nearness. God is calling this certain remnant to where they will know his voice so good, so well that there will be other voices that sound spiritual, that they will say no, that's not his heart. And I just want you to understand that's what the devil does. The devil takes God's word and takes God's heart out of it because he doesn't know God's heart. And so we cannot afford just to use Scripture just to say this has to be God, or this is where's God's heart. There's a purity God is raising up in vessels who are gonna carry this new wine. Listen to this. What kills the old will make you into the new that God is doing in the earth. What kills the old is gonna make you into the new thing that God is doing in the earth. So, as you're in the fire, all the old stuff is burning away and God is creating in you the new that he's gonna do through you. Don't be afraid. I just feel like I need to say this. Do not be afraid, the Lord is with you. The world needs the new that God is producing in you. So there's a communion required so that you don't get off the rails but as you're refined and as you're bowed down, bound in this fiery season, god is producing a new in you that the world needs. Remember that obedience is better than sacrifice. To put that plainly, you doing what God said from his heart is better than you doing the traditional stuff that should represent his heart that God instituted into the world. There's a there's a religiosity that can be ascribed to the things we do that doesn't carry the heart of God. Your yes is more important than man's tradition. Hear me right now, your yes is more important than man's tradition. While many people believe they're obeying God, they're tied to principles, not his heart. Let me give you an example. Jesus walks through the field of corn and the Bible says he and his disciples both were eating the ears of corn. And the religious folks said you cannot do that. You can't work on the Sabbath day. And so Jesus was like wait a minute. Man was not made for the Sabbath, the Sabbath was made for man. You were not made to serve a principle, you were. The principle was meant to serve you, oh God. That means there's a benefit that should be ascribed to the principle. When we remove the benefit, we remove the nearness, the communion of God from the principle. We're just doing what men do, which is giving people inspiring, or not even giving people inspiring things, but giving people a pep talk with the word of God. While many believe they're obeying God, they're tied to principles, not his heart. And so there are people who are tied to rules, but they lack the understanding of why those rules exist. I'm going to say that again. There are many who are tied to rules in the body, but they lack the understanding of why those rules exist. I'm a pretty young guy so I'm not here to say that I've got it all figured out, but I know what the Spirit of the Lord told me when I was in prayer in the middle of the night. He says they're serving rules instead of the ruler. Hear me now. There are people in the body of Christ who are serving rules instead of the ruler. They're criticizing Jesus for healing a man on the Sabbath. So what's more important for me? To heal the man. The principle is rest in Christ. The principle is not don't do good stuff. The principle was rest as your father rests, meaning, come back and spend time with the father, do what the father is doing. Jesus was doing what he saw his father doing. He healed the sick and the religious folks said no, no, no. That doesn't look like our understanding of Sabbath and so it has to be heresy. And they're looking at the face of a man who's walking in a newness of healing and they're criticizing the person who did it, which basically is in a way criticizing and mocking the man who just received the healing. They're trying to steal the joy from the man who got healing on the Sabbath day, and that is not the heart of God. The heart of God. It brings joy. The heart of God brings healing. And so when I'm tied to a principle, but the principle doesn't bring with it healing, the principle doesn't bring with it joy, then I've stepped out of his heart, I've stepped out of the ruler's heart and I've stepped into the rule. We should serve God, fear God, love God and trust God, not serve rules, love rules, trust rules and fear rules. All right, so let me give you these two dreams real quick that were the onus for me coming on here today. First dream I'm on a football field and Joe Paternal, which we know he's no longer with us, joe Paternal is on the field. So a man who is dead is on the field and his team is opposing me. And his team is full of senior citizens. They don't even look right. They're old and they're wearing pads and they've got the Penn State jersey on. They're wearing the right jersey, but they're in the wrong season. Here's what we need to understand you can be on the right side and be on the right team, but be in the wrong season. The people who are drinking the old wine and thinking the old is better. Many of them are well-meaning Christians, but because they're in the wrong season, what they think and say and do is not affirmed and authorized by the Lord in this season and they're causing the new that God wants to do to be frustrated, resisted, opposed, unnecessarily. Listen, we should all do what the Baran's do Go to the word yourself. But when people want to bring a new thing and it still gives God glory they're not sinning. They just want to be free to do what they know God has said go and do. We've got to be careful. And so obviously, in this dream I'm fighting these octogenarians, these old men wearing these Penn State jerseys and they had on white jerseys. So, yes, they were saved, but they were out of step in the spirit in the wrong season, and Joe Paterno is coaching them. So there's the authority structure, there's the old trying to tell the other old yep, you're right, oppose the new thing. That's not God, we should stop it. And in the dream, I'm just pushing these guys over. And the thing that was so crazy is, as I'm pushing them over, I'm feeling bad, and that's how many of you feel. You're trying to do what God said and you see people being offended, you see people getting upset and you're just trying to do what God said do and you feel bad because you're like I'm not trying to hurt anybody, but there's a collision you cannot avoid. And the thing that's even dangerous with this is because in the dream I'm opposing these senior citizens playing football in pads. I don't even have pads on and I'm just pushing them over. There's a danger that they're gonna be hurt, there's a danger that they will die, and that's the thing. When these collisions happen, we've gotta be committed to what God's doing. But on the other side is when I'm still in the old, I could literally lose my spiritual life. I can use lose the spiritual vigor God wants from me because I'm in an old season. I could even be injured, come on. And so we've gotta go before the Lord and we've gotta allow the Lord to minister to us and tell us am I in the right season? The other dream that I had right after that was I'm walking in the woods and there's this big tree, and the tree was trying to make a sound. It's trying to sing, but it didn't sound right. And so I go to the tree and I bend the tree down all the way to the ground. It was almost like the tree was made of rubber and I'm pulling it all the way to the ground and as I pull it all the way to the ground, the tree begins to sing an extraordinary song. It was harmonious, it was unique, it was beautiful, and there was a man standing by seeing me pull on this tree come on the tree of righteousness and he didn't care what it sounded like, he was paying attention to my action. My action was provoking this tree to cry out with a beautiful sound and the tree actually was in pain. What I was doing was uncomfortable to the tree, but what the tree was producing the fruit of what I was doing in my obedience was producing something that was pleasing to the authority. So there was an authority in this forest and the person that was complaining the religious type person who was seeing what I was doing and didn't understand it and thought it was wrong. They were gonna go complain to the authority. But the authority in the forest was hearing the song that was coming out of this tree and they were well pleased with the sound. And so I'm doing something unusual and common, uncomfortable. It was even causing pain in this tree. And what does? The Bible says that you are trees planted by the rivers of water that should bear fruit in their what Season. Hallelujah and what. Whatsoever you do shall prosper. So there is a harmonious song coming out of this tree, but the person that didn't understand what I was called to do was criticizing it and wanted to go complain to the authority. That's the season we're in. Let me give you some points real quick. Let me give you some points real quick. This is critical for the season that we're in. We're in. Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not to men. That's Colossians 3, 23. Whatever you do, do it unto God, not to men. My heart in these dreams was pure before the Lord. I was just doing what, literally? I just kind of showed up in these places and I'm just doing what the Spirit of the Lord was ministering me to do, and things were happening and it was a collision between the old and the new. Glory to God. So let me just release this encouragement to somebody Mm, the new generation will be immersed in new media and they will become the new media, says the Lord. Media is a means of communication. New media, look it up. It means a means of mass communication using digital technologies such as the internet. Let me tell you something the Spirit of the Lord is ministering to me about Generation Z, generation alpha. They are the two youngest generations that are alive in the earth right now. Generation Z is the end of something. Z is the end of the alphabet. Generation alpha is the beginning of something. So we're going to see a major transition between generation Z and generation alpha. The Lord is ministering to me and said generation alpha, generation Z is going to do this too, but generation alpha is going to be the generation that takes the gospel into the metaverse or the virtual space. They will be the ones preaching, teaching, healing, delivering people from demonic oppression in virtual spaces, meaning people are going to be having the goggles on or whatever it looks like. They're going to be in a virtual reality and the gospel is not going to be restrained, it's going to go into the virtual space. So, between now and then, there's a new wine being poured out, a new wine that's going to happen in the digital space. We're being more and more digitized. We're going to see more and more digital currency, fewer and fewer people using cash. What am I saying? As these things transition, god is pouring out new wine and raising up new ministers who will have new media. They will take the gospel into the new media and proclaim the word of the Lord, and so some people need to hear me say this to you you will find me in the new thing. Do not be dissuaded, do not be hesitant. God is doing a new thing. Listen, if you've been feeling this way, that you've been rejected by simply following the Lord, be encouraged. You are being refined by God. You are being refined by God. This generation, this emerging generation it's going to be in generation Z, generation Alpha and even others who are a little older are being raised up with this kind of DNA. Listen to this. This generation that is going to be accused of heresy. They're going to be accused of being rebellious. They're going to be accused of being out of step with God. They're going to be accused of being independent minded. They're going to be accused of being without authority and without subject to authority. Listen to this. This generation is going to be provocative. What was I doing to that tree in my dream? I was provoking pain. The tree was already singing out of pain. The cross is painful and there's a song that comes out of our spirit as we submit to the cross. But the cross it's never too hard for us to bear because God doesn't put more on us than we can bear. But sometimes we just limit our capacity of dying to Christ. We want to preserve our way of doing things and so when some people come and provoke us to die, it's painful but it produces a beautiful sound. And listen, in that dream this is what I heard the Spirit of the Lord say to me. Listen to. This. Spirit of the Lord said to me this is the beauty of nature on display. Wow. So the beauty of this tree was being put on display through the pain that I was helping to instigate through my bending this tree. This tree was only producing a sound that a few people could hear. It was only producing one note. It wasn't producing a very beautiful sound. But when I began to provoke the pain that was already in it and I began to cause this thing to this tree to lean into the pain of the cross, to lean into the surrender of Gethsemane, to lean into the crushing of the olive oil Glory to God Then it began to release a sound that was harmonious, multifaceted, layered, beautiful. It had a bigger volume and it was well pleasing to the authority. The Father himself, the Spirit of the Lord, said to me this is the beauty of nature on display. Your nature in the kingdom is to produce a beautiful sound in the earth, and so some of us, we don't want to submit to that. The old says well, let's do it this way. No, this new generation is going to provoke us to die to Christ, and it's going to be provocative, it's going to be controversial. Number two they're going to be rejected by rigid leadership. Number one this generation, this new generation that God's raising up, is going to be provocative. Number two they're going to be rejected by rigid leadership. Those that just can't, they can't receive the new. Number three they're going to be pioneering. They're going to press into doing things no one has done before. They're going to be walking in faith because they haven't seen it done and they're just going to step out on stuff that the Spirit has shown them. The Spirit has said to them the witness in their spirit. They're going to step out. Number four this generation will be very strong. In one of those dreams, I'm pushing these people over, and it was effortless. In another dream, I'm pulling this tree down, and it was effortless. They're going to be strong. Why? Because they're going to have their strength come from their weakness. The strength of God is going to come through their weakness. They're going to embrace their weakness. They're going to boast in their infirmities and they're only going to allow themselves to be moved and strengthened by the Lord. He's going to be the strength of their life. Number five this generation is going to be determined. They might hesitate at first because they're kind of out on new ground, but they're going to be so in love and in tune. They're going to be in love and in tune with the heart of the Father that they are going to be committed and determined. Number six they're going to be connected. They're going to be connected to one another. They're going to be in community. Number seven they're going to be Holy Spirit dependent. They're going to have fire. They're going to be so unfiring because they're going to be going into virtual spaces. Babylon is building, y'all Babylon is building. And the more Babylon builds, the more that the kingdom of God has to take it by force. The kingdom of God suffers violence. The violent take it by force. There is a dependency required to increase the dependency so that we can increase our effectiveness. And number eight. This generation will be well pleasing to the Lord. They're going to be so in tune to pleasing God more than men. It's going to make a lot of us uncomfortable because they're going to say things and do things like man that seems so, so spiritual. It's so religious. No, we're religious because we've we've put a cap on how submitted someone should be. We put a limit on how radical, radically obedient someone should be. If some of the things that we witnessed in scripture were happening today, we would call people heretics. If Jeremiah showed up and said the Lord told me to shut myself into my house and not come out, the Lord told me, listen, we had Jeremiah put a yoke around his neck and walk into the prophet, to the prophet, and talk about a yoke, I mean these things were extravagant, they were provocative and if they were happening now we'd call it heresy. We read it because we receive the prophets with the written word, but when people come with a prophetic grace now and it looks like, it looks new, we think the old's better. That's not God. Eight things about this new generation. They're going to be provocative. They're going to be rejected by rigid leadership. They're going to be pioneering. They're going to be strong. They're going to be determined, they're going to be connected. They're going to be Holy Spirit dependent and they will be well pleasing to the Lord. That will be their food to please the Lord. It will be their meat to do the will of the Father. And so here's what I need, to just speak it to your spirit. If this is you who's been feeling this pressure, you've been feeling this constraint, you've been, you've been feeling this Restraint, you've been feeling this collision between the new that you believe God has called you to, and you're just trying to walk by faith and not by sight. And and every time you turn around, it seems like somebody is, is, is, is, um. They're criticizing you for just doing what God said. They're criticizing you for the dream you had. They're criticizing you for seeking God for the answer in the dream. They're criticizing the application and the interpretation of the dream. Listen, I'm living it and it's okay, because God says you are a chosen generation, you are a royal priesthood, you are a holy nation, his own special people that you may proclaim the praises of him, who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Let me read this again First Peter 2 9 this is your identity. This is your inheritance, this is your DNA, this is your fingerprint in God. You are a chosen generation. Listen, many are called fewer chosen. Sometimes we need to embrace Des sanctification, but also the separation that comes from being obedient to God. Why did they have Nazarite vows? People needed to know when they saw you. Oh, this guy's just submitted to God. I can't treat him the way I would treat other people. Oh, I understand why you're doing that, because I see you don't shave. The Nazarite didn't shave. Samson's strength came from his radical obedience to God. You are a chosen generation. Many are called fewer chosen. Will you choose the anointing on the few? I've been praying and believing God for the anointing of the 300, the 300 that that walked with Gideon with the sword of the Lord and Gideon. And you know what the sword of the Lord and Gideon was. It was the spirit of God. The only thing they did was they lifted up what God told them to say, and their enemies were defeated, uncommon, unusual, uncomfortable, but they did it by faith. And, and at first, he had what thousands? He had thousands. And you would have thought in the natural that's what you need. No, what what God wanted was a remnant who would walk in an unusual anointing. They would walk in an unusual obedience, because faith is what pleases the Lord without fear. Faith is what pleases the Lord. Without faith, it's impossible to please him. I just want to encourage somebody. Someone needs to share this word with someone you know there's really in need of encouragement. You know they're going through something, they're going through a new thing and they just need someone to know. Man, you're not crazy. Hebrews 10 35. Therefore, do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. I want to pray for you, father, in the name of the Lord. I declared the confidence in Christ Jesus on this, your child, right now, that they will walk in obedience and strength, that they will fortify themselves in the Lord. Come on, I declare that you are God's chosen. In Jesus's name, I declared that you have the fire of God on your life. In the name of the Lord, I declare that it is not strange fire and it is as it has been described, as it, in fact, that which you've been used to has been strange fire and God's calling you out of it because he wants you to establish that thing that gives him glory. I Declare the anointing of Mount Carmel on your life, that Elijah stood before 400 prophets of Baal and sought the Lord and said show them that you're turning their hearts back to you. Oh God, I pray you come with the same heart of Elijah on Mount Carmel, standing before your opposition, standing before the Lord and saying to God I'm just here to show them that you're turning your hearts back to them and you will do the uncommon, unusual, uncomfortable thing by faith, trusting God that when you call on his name he'll bring fire. I pray for the evangelist in on this call, on this video, who will go into the earth and proclaim Jesus is Lord, by the power of the spirit, not just with good ideas, but by the anointing I prophesied to a prophetic person who doesn't know their identity in Christ except what, what God's shown you, and I want you to lean in on what God has shown you and I want you to believe what you've seen. Seeing is believing, says the Lord. I am the Lord, says the Lord. Remember I am the Lord. He says he cannot fail God. I pray that your love Overtakes us. Come on as your blessings overtake us. Your love is an error. You loved us with an everlasting love. You have loved us with an everlasting love God. May that be our badge that we just love you and we wear your love on our heart. We're just humble, we just want to love you and serve you and take care of you, lord, and everything else will fall into place. I pray we'll do it all heartily into the Lord, not men. In Jesus name, amen, listen, I just bless the Lord. I prophesy the new wine in your life. I prophesy the new wine. Skin on your life is more than capable of Containing that which God is pouring into you. And I declare in Jesus name it will pour into the overflow impacting nations, says the Lord. I declare it over your life. And God says you will go in the power of the spirit. And I declare the power of the spirit on you. I declare it a baptism of the spirit and fire over you. In Jesus name, you will not be dissuaded, you will not be retained, you will not be distracted. In Jesus name, we praise God for you. Uh, until next time when the Lord bless you and keep you, make his face shine upon you, may be gracious to you. Uh, may it live discounted as a point. You give you peace, bye, bye.

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