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Unraveling the Spiritual Significance of Natural Disasters

August 22, 2023 FaithFire Media Season 3 Episode 38
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Unraveling the Spiritual Significance of Natural Disasters
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As we navigate the spiritual landscape of our modern world, an urgent call to faith arises from the aftermath of natural disasters. Let me share with you revelations of a major storm, Tropical Storm Hilary, and a rare earthquake in California, both foreseen in a divine vision. These events, served as a clarion call, a wake-up nudge from God Himself. We dissect their profound spiritual implications, and their fascinating ties to Biblical passages, shedding light on God's desire to rouse His people and inspire a return to spirituality.

From the comfort in crisis to stark warnings and enduring encouragement, we examine the spiritual dimensions revealed in the face of natural disasters. The earthquake's epicenter, a place notoriously linked to New Age and occult practices, holds significant symbolic intrigue, and we uncover how this ties into God's message. Additionally, we lead you through potent prayers, beckoning God's mercy and a spiritual renaissance, hoping for a surge in contrition, humility, repentance, and confession. Together, we uncover how these events punctuate the urgency of our times, the paramountcy of faith, and the transformative love of God, unconditionally powerful.

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Speaker 1:

Here we are in the middle of the night and the Lord has asked me to come and and share. There's so much to say as Tropical Storm Hillary creates what will be historic effects in Southern California, and the Lord in fact showed me that there was a major storm coming back in May of 2023, and since then I've been praying into what the Lord was trying to say and since then I in fact have released two prophetic words regarding the event. The first was simply a warning that this was coming and we needed to be praying for the preservation of life. The second word from the Lord talked about the Lord's desire for his people really to awaken to the urgency of the hour and for us to confess and repent. He really wants us to turn back to him. This is for the body of Christ and this is for those who do not know Christ to come to the Lord. But the body of Christ has much to confess and repent. In that word of the Lord that I had sent out the second time, the Lord said I am showing signs in the earth to show both the urgency of the hour and the need for my people to turn to me with their whole heart. At that time I shared that these events are part of the global shaking in the earth that is meant to wake up the people of God to serve God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. And now the Lord has sent an earthquake to Southern California, as that area is already enduring in his historic storm, and he's doing so to punctuate the message. So in the previous word from the Lord, he had me talk about how he's shaking heaven and earth. This is a 5.1 magnitude earthquake recorded near Ohio, california, and it is the first earthquake above a 5.0 magnitude to hit in that area since 1941, 82 years ago. There is much to say here, but let me begin with what it says in the book of Hegeon, chapter 2. It says for thus says the Lord of Hosts once more, once more it is a little while I will shake heaven and earth, the sea and dry land, and I will shake all nations and they shall come to the desire of all nations and I will fill this temple with glory, says the Lord of Hosts. Once again, I will shake heaven and earth. The Lord is merciful, and as my wife was seeking the Lord about what she was seeing in the fires of Hawaii, she heard the Lord say now they will cry out to me and this is really a principle of heaven is when we get far from God in our hearts, you might praise him with your lips, but if your heart is far from them, there will be a reckoning to bring you back, because being far from God is dangerous. He doesn't want you far away. So really the Lord will do anything to bring you to him, especially when you were far away and in prayer. My wife heard the Lord is near the broken hearted. So it's really in the Lord's mercy that we see these catastrophes. He's doing it because he knows our nature, he knows our frame, he knows we're like dust, that we're here for just a moment, and he is urgently looking to get our attention. The Word of God in Psalm 34 says in verse 18, the Lord is near to those who have a broken heart and saves, such as have a contrite spirit. So he wants you to be broken, he wants you to be contrite. Have contrition, because that's when you will receive Him. The Lord really has sent me to do three things and that is first to comfort, also to warn and to encourage. Comfort, warn and encourage. When I heard the earthquake in California was hitting during the approach of this historic storm. I knew it was the voice of the Lord and the Lord sent me to Isaiah 51. So the magnitude of the earthquake is 5.1. He sent me to Isaiah 51. This is the comfort piece. It says in verse one listen to me, you who follow after righteousness, you who seek the Lord, look to the rock from which you were hewn and to the whole of the pit from which you were dug. Wow, look to Abraham, your father, and to Sarah who bore you, for I called him alone and blessed him and increased him. He's saying I'm a God of blessing. Remember my character, for the Lord will comfort Zion, he will comfort all her waste places, places that have been destroyed. He will make her wilderness like Eden. He will restore, and her desert like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness will be found in it, thanksgiving and the voice of melody. So we can have comfort that even in disaster or catastrophe, that God says I am here to comfort you and I will make the waste places comfortable for you. I will make your wilderness, your desert, your wasteland like Eden. He's a restorer, so we need not fear. Well, second is the warning, also from Isaiah 51. Continuing in verse four, he says listen to me, my people. He's talking to his people, where all his people, the sheep of his pastor, are those who have been sheep without a shepherd. He says listen to me, my people, and give ear to me. Oh, my nation, america. Listen, for law will proceed from me and I will make my justice rest as a light of the peoples. He wants us to be legal. He wants us to be pure. My righteousness is near, verse 5. My salvation has gone forth and my arms will judge the peoples. The coast lands will wait upon me. California and on my arm they will trust. God has a plan for California. Lift up your eyes to the heavens and look on the earth beneath, for the heavens will vanish away like smoke. The earth will grow old like a garment and those who dwell in it will die in like manner, but my salvation will be forever and my righteousness will not be abolished. So he's saying, yes, this earth will pass away, but if you have my salvation, it is everlasting. So it's a warning. We need to wake up to our need for a Savior. We need to wake up to the need for redemption, the pure blood of Jesus that washes our sins away, that we can attain through faith in Him and grace and favor from God. If you do not know the Lord, this is the time today. Now is the day of salvation. Do not wait, because there is no time to waste. God is redeeming now. You don't have to wait, you don't have to get yourself ready for it. He just says come, give me your heart and I will come in, and I will die with you and come in with you. So we have a comfort. Then we have a warning and, third, some encouragement that we can trust the Lord and not fear. Continuing from verse 7 in Isaiah 51, due to this being a 5.1 magnitude earthquake, he says listen to me, you who know righteousness, you people in whose heart is my law. Glory to God. Do not fear the reproach of men, nor be afraid of their insults, for the moth will eat them up like a garment and the worm will eat them like wool, but my righteousness will be forever and my salvation from generation to generation. God is encouraging us that we don't have to be afraid of what people think, that we should be attaining His affirmation and His redemption, because His righteousness is forever and His salvation is from generation to generation. He really is turning us back to Him. He's creating in us a, a dearth or an emptiness or a desire that can't be met except through Him, and that's why he shows us just how fragile and frail our existence is. To awaken us to ourselves. Because we're full of pride, we think we can do things on our own. We don't need God. He knows us, about us, and he has to humble us because he gives grace to the humble. Amen. God is sending a sharp message here. The earthquake was described by one analyst, in fact, as a sharp earthquake. A sharp earthquake. So the message of God is sharp. Now we have to remember this is happening during an historic tropical storm. The last time the San Diego area saw a tropical storm was 84 years ago, 1949. That was even before records were being officially kept, and so God is trying to get our attention. God is looking to get our attention. So it was a sharp earthquake, and I find it so interesting that the earthquake was centered on a very, very, very interesting location. This is a 5.1 magnitude earthquake. This area has not seen an earthquake since 1941, and the earthquake was centered on Ohi, california. Ohi, california. Ohi, california. Ohi is described as a hippie town. In fact, it is renowned for its connection to New Age Buddhist and occult activity. One site claims that some New Age believers say there is a vortex in the area. A vortex to the New Age is a place where energy is very high and they believe it's a portal for you to experience this energy and that the energy can either be positive or negative. Now we know this is not the Lord, it's not biblical, it's not something the Lord does. He's everywhere, his Holy Spirit's everywhere. He wants you to know Him, the One who made you. But New Age believers believe that Ohi is a place where there is a portal. It's a place that's so-called and I'm speaking of Ohi specifically. It's a place that's so-called produces bliss, euphoria, altered consciousness and boosted creativity and inspiration. Ohi is where one site says quote the celebrity mystic Jidu Krishnamurti had an epiphany in Ohi and, as a result, famous seekers visited and helped put it on the map. So this was a place that became renowned, influential in the New Age Buddhist movement, and I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that this historic earthquake they had not seen an earthquake in Ohi since 1941. I believe that this historic earthquake is happening during an historic tropical storm, because God is punctuating His message that he is judging our idolatry. He is bringing consequences to our idolatry. He's calling us home to Himself and away from New Age thought, humanism, all of these things that we have created that have no power except to bring us into darkness. He is seeking to cleanse us from unrighteousness and this is why we need to hear the Lord calling us to repent. So again, it was a magnitude 5.1, earthquake 5.1. Listen to Psalm 51. Have mercy upon me, oh God. These are people who are Buddhists. They need the Lord's mercy. Have mercy upon me, o God, according to your loving kindness, according to the multitude of your tender mercies, blot out my transgressions. God is not here to harm people. He is here to blot out their transgressions. He's calling people to come be cleansed and not to focus on emptying their minds and meditating and having certain frequencies played while they sit and try to quiet their mind. No, no, no, no, no. He wants you to come to Jesus. He wants you to come to your Creator, your Maker, your Father, according to the multitude of your tender mercies, blot out my transgressions, wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin. This is a prayer for the nation. This should be a prayer for Ohio, california and the nation, for I acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is always before me. This is where God wants us to come. He wants us to be awakened to our sin and iniquity, because we can't be saved until we recognize we have a problem. So Ohio, being this tabernacle of new age thought, this idolatrous witchcraft, is exactly how God operates. He's trying to go straight to the ones who don't think he exists. He's going straight to the ones who think that he is a figment of someone's imagination. And he did it mercifully. A 5.1 didn't kill anyone. It didn't collapse any buildings, but it's strong enough. It's like the Lord told me once when you're trying to wake someone up from sleep and you don't want to jar them too much you shake them pretty hard, but you're not trying to make them afraid. That's what God's doing. He's trying to rouse us from sleep, those who are sleeping blind. Verse 4 says against you, you only have I sinned and done this evil in your sight, that you may be found just when you speak and blameless when you judge. And then, in verse 10, creating me a clean heart, o God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me, god creates the clean heart. How, when those who are broken come to Him, he gives them a new heart. The Bible says he takes out the heart of stone from your flesh and he gives you a soft heart of flesh. He gives you a new heart and a new spirit. How, when you repent and come to the Lord. And so there's this one last thing the Lord wanted me to bring up, and I knew this was God reminding me of this. So there was another magnitude 5.1 earthquake recorded here in the area where we live in North Carolina, in 2020. 2020 can represent clear vision. The Lord is trying to get us to clear vision. So the Lord had me studying earthquakes that particular morning, a couple of hours before that earthquake hit, and I knew it was the Lord speaking because I was studying earthquakes that morning. The magnitude 5.1 sent me to Matthew, chapter 27, verse 51. Listen to this. Then, behold, this was after the crucifixion of Jesus. Then, behold, the veil of the temple was torn into from top to bottom and the earth quaked and the rocks were split. When Jesus gave Himself up for our sins and he gave His Spirit into the hands of the Father, he became our perfect sacrifice, the one who could literally take all of our sin because he had never sinned. He volunteered to take our sin because he didn't deserve to die. When he did that, he created a cataclysmic event in the earth, in history and in heaven, and there was an earthquake. God is shaking the earth to remind us of who Jesus is and what Jesus did. Listen to this. It goes on in verse 52. And the graves were open and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised and coming out of the graves. After His resurrection, they went into the holy city and appeared to many. What happened? Those who were asleep, who were in God, awakened and began to appear to people. So when the centurion and those with Him who were guarding Jesus saw the earthquake and the things that had happened, they feared greatly, saying truly, this was the Son of God. Do you see what's happening? God is percolating the next great awakening. He is looking to awaken the church, to walk in resurrection power, to present ourselves to those who don't know Him, in order to get folks who are out of the way to say truly, he's the Son of God. God is refining the body of Christ. God is shaking earth and heaven so that we'll come to the desires of the nations. Listen to what I wrote that particular morning in 2020. The Lord wants to revive the church from sleep and send us a powerful witness into our cities to bring awakening. And the Lord has since spoken to me that he's not stopping at revival. He's not stopping at revival. His heart is on awakening. Awakening is when people who don't know God come to God. Those who do know God turn back to Him. The Lord is shaking heaven and earth to awaken the church and make unbelievers into believers. So will you pray this with me, please? Pray one that the Lord will protect and guide those who don't know Him, and we put an extra emphasis on that for those in California right now. Pray that the body of Christ will reach the lost. My wife made this point. The Lord sometimes steps in because we haven't been doing it. Sometimes the Lord is stepping in to do things because we haven't been doing it. We've been afraid to tell people the gospel, we've been afraid of rejection, been afraid of being called this, that and the other. We're not living right. We're not walking with the Lord. So the Lord has to come in and interrupt our existence with earthquakes and tropical storms and massive fires and things, because the body of Christ has not been doing its job. Number three pray that the fear of the Lord will take over the United States and all over the world. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. If you don't fear God, you don't know anything. We need to pray for those who do not know God to fear the Lord. Number four pray that blind eyes will open, deaf ears will hear the voice of the Lord and finally, pray we will see the third great awakening and a massive harvest of souls to God. Amen, amen. It is 1.28 in the morning now on Monday, august 21st, as Tropical Storm Hillary is closing in on San Diego, and I would just ask you to pray with me now, as we are seeing historic effects already in the weather and this historic earthquake all happening at the same time. Let us pray Our Father, who is in heaven. Holy is your name, holy, holy, holy. Against you only have we sinned. Lord, I pray you give us a distinctly contrite heart that we might be humble before you and receive grace and mercy in our time of need. I pray for a wildfire of salvation in America and all over the world. God, I thank you for your word and your prophetic word that gives us your heart in these situations, that you're not here to destroy people. You're here to build people. You're here to shake us awake. You're here to redeem us and show your mercy. You could just destroy the whole earth right now, but you don't. But you show us who's in charge, god. We repent for always blaming the devil for earthquakes. We repent for always thinking that it isn't God, it's just a natural disaster. Lord, I pray we will see if what it is, it's an act of God. It's your hand on the earth. I see your strong right arm right now, your hand on the earth. I see your hand resting gently on the earth. We're in your hands, lord. You're molding us and making us. You're refining us. You're comforting us. You're affirming us. You're reminding us of your presence. I thank you for this, lord. I see your hand on the earth. I see you bringing the earth into your bosom. Lord, I see you. I see your heartbeat. God, you want us to be close to your heart. You're bringing the earth to your heart so we can hear your heartbeat, so we can understand your love and mercy and grace, so we can understand your mind, so we can understand our need for you, so we can understand your desire to be close, so we can understand you and know you and be in you and be close to you. Oh Lord, thank you for your word that says that if anyone boasts, let them boast in the fact that they know and understand you, that you are a God of loving, kindness and justice, and in these things you delight. Thank you for your word, god. I pray for those who are falling asleep in this, those who are in the faith, who just not been activated in their faith and they've not added works to their faith. They might be afraid, they might just simply not know God. I pray that they begin to be Agitated in their spirit, that there's more. I pray for the baptism of spirit, of the spirit and fire, fire that burns away that which doesn't belong and consumes us with you. Make us jealous for you, god, as you are jealous for us. I Pray that we'll begin to appear to unbelievers and those who are asleep and confront them with the beauty of Jesus and confront them with the power Of God and confront them with the boldness of your spirit, confront them with the sharpness of your work, and I pray, god, that we will see a mighty harvest. I pray that we'll see contrition Spread like wildfire, that will see humility and repentance and confession spread like wildfire. That people will say against you only have our sin, holy God, if they will ask for their iniquity to be cleansed, holy God, and that you will blot out their transgressions. Glory to your name. These things we delight in, god. As those who pray and intercede, we want to see you moving in this in this season, in San Diego, in Los Angeles and Long Beach. God in, ohi God, I pray you dismantle every lie that's been built by the evil, one that Allows people to think that they are the center of the universe, that they are the center of their own lives. But no, no, no, god they're, they're meant to have your DNA, your blood in them, but they only can do it by faith. They must be born again. When I pray to Nicodemus To awaken in America, people who are seeking the truth, even if they have to come in the middle of the night you know they have to come in secret and they don't want others to know, but they just got to get to the truth of Jesus. Who is this Jesus? Is he really the Son of God. I pray that we see that. Lord, oh God. I Pray that, oh, that prayer will break out all over the land, not just in America. All over the world. Prayer for the lost prayer for the broken prayer, for the wayward prayer, for the blind and the deaf and the lame, the Paralytic God prayers for the leprous. Lord, glory to God. I pray that for all night prayer meetings to break out. I just pray for prophets to prophesy, apostles to be apostolic teachers to teach, shepherds to shepherd God in, evangelists to evangelize. May the body of Christ come together and move your kingdom forward and we do break out for your mercy to be revealed in California. We pray. No one lose a life, god. We pray that those who lose property will have their property restored, but they'll know that it's you. I pray that, that that more important than the property and the possessions. They will understand you, that they will become humbled and man. This stuff that I've Accurated, this stuff that I thought I own and important. What am I here for? Why is my heart beating? Glory to God. How did I get electricity in my heart? What? What gives me a thought in my mind and who is this God that people speak of that, people begin to search deeper, that deep will begin to call out to deep God, and they will become overwhelmed at the sound of your water, your, your voice, of many waters. May they hear your voice up, pray. Your voice will pierce people's minds and thoughts and they'll hear you in the midnight hour that they will come to know you as Jesus, the Savior, jesus, the Son of God, jesus, the Redeemer, jesus, the one For whom, through whom and to him, all things were created and given. Thank you for your Lordship, lord, you are set apart. You are all Holy and righteous. You are other than any in all other things. There's no one like you, and may the earth see it. This is our prayer tonight. In your precious name, jesus, in your precious name, jesus and the people of God said amen, amen. We praise God for you. We praise God for you. Pray for San Diego, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray for the glory of God to be revealed, pray. The Lord will bless you and keep you. Make his face shine upon you, be gracious to you. May lift his countens upon you and give you peace Until we see each other. Yeah, may the Lord bless you and keep you. Also, if you want to learn more about our ministry, find us at faithfireworldwidecom. That's where you connect with us on our newsletter, our prophetic newsletter. Also, you can see our podcasts, our video podcast, or you can find us on your favorite podcast platform. If that's what you want to do, listen to us. If you want to partner with the ministry, you can also do that at faithfirecom, or find us at link tree slash faith fire. Link tree slash faith fire. May God bless you and keep you. Have a good evening and we pray blessing over the state of California and over the nation of America and every nation in the world until next time. My bye.

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