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Summer 2023 Outreach Mission Report

August 25, 2023 FaithFire Media Season 3 Episode 39
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Summer 2023 Outreach Mission Report
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It didn’t take two minutes before the Lord healed a little girl of foot pain from scoliosis!  The girl’s father brought her to the altar and we prayed together for God to heal her.   I asked the girl to walk, checking with her often to see if there was healing happening.  Over the course of about 60 seconds, she reported the pain was lessening and lessening until the pain was gone!

It’s been a couple weeks now since our team put together a successful outreach in Downtown Greensboro at LeBauer Park.  Most important, we saw the presence of God fill the park.  Worship was focused on ministering to the Lord, prophecy, prayer, and the gospel. 

We know two people gave their lives to Jesus!! Glory to God! We also received more than 100 prayer requests and contact information for people we can connect to the local church.  Please pray for the Lord to continue to work on the hearts of those who made it to the event. 

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Speaker 1:

Man. We had a wonderful time at our back to school celebration. This was an outreach and a crusade in the heart of our city, downtown Greensboro, and here I am just to give you a report on how things went. And I'm really excited about how it went because really we met our major goal, which was to bring the presence of God into the heart of our city. God did indeed move. So I've got some pictures I have to show to you and a couple of stories to share with you. The testimonies are still coming in, but I do want to go ahead and give you just an overview of what happened. This was on Saturday, august 12th, and here's our team. We had a whole lot of people come from several churches in the Greensboro area, several ministries, friends some of them strangers came and put their hands to the plow. What you're looking at here is when we got together to pray prior to the service and really what we were hanging our hats on was the scripture that says love never fails in 1 Corinthians 13. And what we really wanted to do was make sure there was a love nuclear warhead hitting right smack dab in the middle of downtown Greensboro so you can see me in the center, just really went after God and entered into what turned out to be prophetic prayer, encouraging people as well to not resist and not to withhold the love of God that they would be available for the uncommon, unusual thing that would break through someone's heart and that would cause them to come in contact with the Jesus inside of us. And so I prayed for the city, prayed for our volunteers, but, as you can probably imagine, we had a lot of worship. This is Rick Carlson. The Carlson family are dear to me. Danica is his daughter, his son Zee, his wife Tanya as well. They have given their lives to worship the Lord, literally have gotten up and packed up and moved due to the call of God, and they did exactly what I asked them to do. I said, listen, we're just going to go after God, we're going to minister to the Lord. We're not here to perform for anyone. And Rick did something cool. He turned to Zee. He said Zee, so what we're doing here, we're simply making Holy Spirit happy. I love that Making Holy Spirit happy. We minister to the Lord and the Spirit of God was thick in the atmosphere and it was a fun time. So you see Danica there on the left, there's Zee on the drums. I entered into some prophetic worship at some points, but really we were targeting the area with spiritual warfare and worship, spiritual warfare and worship. I don't know if I'm praying here, I don't know if I'm prophesying or whatever the case may be, but I do know that God just had me in a place of prophecy, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, proclaiming the goodness of God, proclaiming the love of Jesus, proclaiming where the abundant life comes from. It was phenomenal. And what was so funny is and I didn't get a chance to tell the story when we were praying, prior to us praying, there was virtually no one in the park and I'll be honest, you know, I was a little disappointed, saying man, usually In years past we've had people lining up and waiting for this thing to start and it wasn't the case. And Open my eyes after praying and there were people lined up waiting for our, our team, to get there to give out the backpacks. And Certainly, here I'm singing unto the Lord and the point I'm getting to is we were bathing the atmosphere in prayer why people were lining up for backpacks. We were bathing the atmosphere for prayer. We were, over and over again, proclaiming the gospel. We didn't do a whole lot of raffles and the like. What we did was we proclaimed the gospel and we worshiped the Lord, we sang to God, we ministered at the feet of Jesus Christ, and there are testimonies. This is my friend, brandon Butler, and evangelist here in Greensboro. Brandon was one of those that brought the gospel, just inviting people to come to Jesus, and we did hear of at least two conversions and, and the cool thing is, there were a lot of people who showed up from other faith traditions, other faith traditions. So I had been praying prior to the event about the location and there were a couple of ideas that came to mind and I just wanted God's idea when do you want this to be, lord? And I just kept discerning that God wanted it to be in downtown Greensboro and another person actually said hey, you know, consider another park. And I said, okay, I'm gonna really put this before the Lord. And so I was walking downtown one day to the park La Bauer park where we had the event and I saw all these people of different backgrounds, in the spirit of God, just ministered to me and said this is why you need to have it in downtown Greensboro. You're gonna get people who do not know me. You're gonna get people who are Uncommon at these events, and we saw it and I don't have pictures to show you, but we did. We had people Of the Hindu faith show up. We had people, many, of the Muslim faith, because we could tell by their, their garb, what they were wearing. They are Muslim. And we had people present the gospel message to them. We had people pray with them. Glory to God, and I'm just so thankful for the opportunity to share the gospel In the middle of downtown Greensboro, the people who might not have grown up hearing about Jesus or or might have heard the name Jesus and not know what Jesus did for them and how he's calling them out of darkness and into the marvelous light of the kingdom of God. And so I'm gonna read, actually, a text message that I received. So I've been asking the staff to send in their testimonies and this one really touched me. This is the story of a four-year-old girl that Someone sent in and I'm gonna read this to you. This young, this woman, says my four-year-old niece was with me, she was paying attention to the gospel and uh, this text goes on to say, sunday morning, the day after, she said I don't know God. And she's in. This person texted me and said well, we talked and she asked God to live in her heart. Her mom said she had been singing and telling people Jesus loves you, hallelujah. So that's just one example. I have a picture. Here's somebody ministering to a boy. At the event this is one of our team members as well, but this young lady I'm not going to remember her name, I wish I could, but her dad. She and her dad came up. I offered an altar call for anyone that needed prayer for healing and this mom I mean father and his daughter came and she said that you know, her feet hurt and her dad went on to tell me that she deals with scoliosis and what I just decided to do is pray for healing and declare the goodness of God over her. And I said it, you know, as tenderly as I could. You know Jesus loves you, god heals. Do you know Jesus? She says she knew Jesus, and so I said okay, we're going to pray for the Lord to heal you. And so I asked her to walk after I prayed with her and declare healing. And she did walk and I told her to take breaks. And I asked her. I said are you noticing anything different? Is anything happening? And she said, yeah, it feels better, and you know it's little kids, and so I didn't want her to do it for me. I said no, honestly, you know, is it different? She's like it feels better. And so I said let's walk a little more. And so she walked a little bit more and she said the pain's gone, it doesn't hurt anymore, and so our proclamation is that she's healed in Jesus name. I got to minister to her family as well. I was a tender time in Jesus for them, so that's one healing as well. I got another report from someone who was a member of our team that prayed and a fellow came and said he wanted to come to Jesus. He was not saved, and the and listen to this, the testimony is he said I've never seen anything like this, and what he meant was all the different types of people coming together in the name of of Jesus Christ. So people like myself, who are darker skin, were there. I mean look at this team, look at this team. I mean people, men, women, all ages. Glory to God. My kids were out there helping. Bless the Lord. We had people that represent very different angles of the kingdom of God and it was no like this, was not like our effort. It was the way Holy Spirit brought it together and I cannot tell you how I felt afterward. I was overjoyed by what I experienced Personally. I felt the freedom of Jesus Christ. Personally, I knew, while I was hoping for hundreds of people to come to the altar, hundreds of people Listen, this was striking the ground. Once Last year, we had similar results. People are fighting hopelessness in our community and I had a brother prophesy over me last year because I think he deserved that. I was a little disappointed because we didn't have tons of people show up. In years past, when we have events like this, we've seen hundreds, even sometimes more than a thousand people come because we're giving away items. And let me tell you something While we're giving these things away, people were receiving prayer and all that, and so I had kind of this oh, we're going to do it the way we've always done it in my heart, and that's not what happened last year. And this brother prophesied to me. He said no, bro, I can see in the spirit that you're disappointed in. The spirit of God says this is just the beginning. Just keep going, keep going, and I believe that. I believe we're in a time, in the season, where the Lord is causing us to press into the kingdom of God. God is ministering us to believe his word and not be so concerned with results, but obedience and being faithful. So we praise God for all of the team members that came out. We praise God for the supporters who donated. Thank God, a welfare reform liaison project gave. Glory to God. The Carol Foundation gave. We praise God for them. I'm forgetting the name of our other major benefactor. Glory to God. What is it? Lord Jesus? Oh, I'm not going to remember off the top of my head, but I do know that we had some supporters that really came through for us and I praise God for that. So thank you, thank you, thank you. At least two people coming to Christ. Glory to God. And we know the gospel was preached. Someone was healed of their pain. We saw people in the Muslim faith minister too. We gave away more than 400 backpacks. I didn't even mention that part. We gave away more than 400 backpacks. That day, 400 backpacks were given away and that was what people really wanted. We fed people pizza. We had the video game truck out there for the kids. It was a fun time a bounce house, snow cones, the whole nine. And this is right in smack dab in the middle of downtown Greensboro, and that's really what we wanted to do was reach people right where they are A cross section. People were coming into the center of the city from all corners of the city and we were able to minister to them. So a big thank you to you for praying for us. A massive thanks for those who gave choice, behavioral health. Praise God, thank you so much for your giving, and none of them expected me to say anything about their giving, but they gave to this effort and it's a major, a major impact on the ministry and the people of God. Listen, if we spent $10 million and one person got saved, it's not too much. If we spent $700 billion and one person got saved, it's not too much. If we spent a trillion dollars and the gospel was preached, the pure gospel, it's not too much. But the spiritual spirit of God is not here today. It is an age and an hour where the ears of many people have been stopped up. They are hearing, but they're not hearing what the spirit of the Lord is saying to the church, and so we've got to continue to penetrate dark places. We've got to continue to penetrate with the light of Jesus. The spirit of God was ministering to me today and I didn't expect to bring this up, but I believe I need to prophesy this. Over time, we've seen light grow in the earth in a practical way. Listen, early on it was just the moon and the sun. We've got to make a light bulb and someone discovered how we can put them in our homes, and so now we can have light 24-7, and that's what it is in heaven. And so there's a transition period between seasons of darkness and seasons of light, and there's a progression of the increase of light. And so we've got to continue to turn on our lights. We've got to burn brighter, we've got to burn more consistently, we've got to surrender our lives so that we can burn and people can see how our God is, see what our God is like. He is a burning bush, a consuming fire, and so God is causing us not to be looking at results. He wants us to be faithful, and I pray that you understand this about the kingdom of God, it is not about crowds. Jesus had most of his ministry happening to people when he was not in a crowd. He would minister to people one-on-one in their homes and then crowds would find him later. But he ministered to the ones God sent him to, the ones that were in his immediate vicinity and, yes, there were times there were crowds, but we're not here for the crowd. I just praise God for all of you who have partnered with us. This is the body of Christ, which is why I think it was so impressive to this fellow who gave his heart to Jesus and one of the reasons he says the testimony of the togetherness and the oneness of those who came, and they weren't divided by any kind of ethnic or skin color line or political line. Jesus knows that all of us were not Democrats and Republicans I'm neither, praise the Lord and so we all came together not to talk about those things but to serve. That is the kingdom of God. I am so ecstatic More than 400 backpacks given away, two people come to Christ, a little girl's foot healed of pain related to scoliosis and I believe the scoliosis is gone, glory to God. And we've got more testimonies coming in. We even had more than 100 people, something I forgot to mention. More than 100 people have said they would like us to follow. What with them, glory to God, and so now we're connecting them to the local church. They came with their prayer requests, they came with needs, and we're going to connect them to the local churches. So my prayer is and I hope that you will pray with me is that the harvest that we're going to have out of that event has not fully come in, oh Jesus, that the harvest is going to come in little by little, bunch by bunch, amen, somebody. Phase by phase, and that more and more people are going to come into the kingdom. They're going to get baptized in the Holy Ghost. They're going to come into the kingdom to serve God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. I believe we made a difference in downtown Greensboro, and so I just thank you again for your help. We are now in a $50,000 fundraising campaign to raise money for our international crusade and revival mission. We are heading to Peru in November and the idea is to go to a different nation every month and listen, we really could use their support to get there. Okay, we need our supporters to support, and those who have never supported before. I pray that you will consider it. You might get a phone call from us. You might get an email from us. We are reaching out to those who have been supporting us in various ways over the last three years to ask you if you could partner with us for this particular mission. God bless you. I'm so grateful for you. Continue to pray for this ministry, pray for wisdom and pray for open doors. I am preparing a word of the Lord about the Hebrew year 5784. And it's about doors opening to those who are becoming poor for Jesus Christ, and so those people are going to see doors opening in this upcoming season. It's according to the calendar that God ordained and created. It's so exciting. So pray for doors to open for us and that we know which door God has for us. Until next time, I pray you are blessed. I pray that you experience the full peace of Jesus Christ and we love you. Bye, bye.

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