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Morning Watch: God says, "Get ready for a promotion!"

September 01, 2023 FaithFire Media Season 3 Episode 41
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Morning Watch: God says, "Get ready for a promotion!"
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On this first day of September, the Lord is preparing you for elevation or promotion in the spirit. 

Nine represents the birthing of something new and September is the ninth month. 

The Lord says, “Get ready for promotion!”

The Lord is very serious about you being in the right position and place for your promotion. There must be room for you to grow into what the Lord has for you. 

Just like the womb must expand for a growing baby and rooms and living spaces get larger as you grow, God wants to release you from places where you’ve been constricted and you’ve been convinced you had to stay in order to advance in God’s Kingdom.

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Speaker 1:

Alright. So this is an exciting time. Here we are. We're getting closer to fall. You might have weather in your area that is cooler already. I hope so, because it's been a heat dome for so many of us. But spirit of God Got my attention with a dream this particular morning and as I sought the Lord, I believe the Lord wanted me to release this to others because we are in the first day of September. September is, of course, the ninth month, and the number nine In the spirit represents the birthing of something, something being brought into the natural from the spirit realm, something that God has in heaven he's releasing on the earth. And so the spirit of God has me Just arrested by this terminology get ready for promotion. The spirit of God is saying get ready for a promotion now. A lot of people might think that means finances. It certainly could be, but we're talking primarily about in the spirit, in the spirit realm. God is elevating people, and it might not necessarily manifest today, but this is the season we're stepping into and stepping over into. Today there's a threshold we stepped into on this particular day. In fact, it's this month that we celebrate the month of tishri, russia Shana. The Hebrew New Year is coming. The Jewish New Year is coming on the evening of September 15th, and I've already released a word about that and I won't get into a lot of that at this time, but I do want to share with you just a portion of this dream that I had last night, because I think it's going to encourage a lot of people. You've been discerning something's not right, and it's because you're in a space that is restrictive, you're in a space that's not had the room for you to grow into who God calls you to be, because there might be some theological concerns about how you perceive Supervisors or those that hold you accountable, and so I just want to share this with you. I was in this dream and I was sitting before Two supervisors. One of them was the ultimate authority in this particular case, and this ultimate authority was someone I had never met before, I had no relationship with, and this ultimate authority came and gathered everyone together and made it known to everyone that they needed to come sit down, and so I came to sit down and this person, this ultimate authority, looked at me and took issue with with, with how I was sitting down, and I and I was smiling the whole time had the joy of the Lord, I said. I said I'm right here, sir, you know, just to kind of say, I'm not late, I'm in front of everyone. In fact, I was the first person to sit down and this person's demeanor was just very interesting. This person was in Ultimate authority, but they didn't have the right spirit, they didn't have the right heart, and so they critiqued me on, even smiling and saying that my response was inappropriate, and and then began to say when I say something to you, all you guys need to say is amen and and on the surface that sounds very good, it sounds so religious, it sounds so theologically sound. Wow, if authority, a spiritual authority, says something, all you need to do is say amen. But the issue with that is, when it comes to mankind, that is simply just not a good model. And I just discerned that in my spirit and what I said was I just need to get to know this person better. You know, I discerned something wasn't right. I just I said I need to get to know this person better. And the person, this ultimate authority, made it very clear that Promotions were going to be given out and if you want this promotion, you need to just say amen. You just need to just get in line. I don't need to. I don't need to treat you with the love of Christ, I don't need to submit myself to you, I don't need to esteem you as better than myself, I don't need to be humble, I don't need to be kind, and and it was just out of alignment with the heart of God. And so many of us are finding ourselves, whether it's on your job, in your church or in a relationship when you're trying to hold on to something that doesn't have the heart of God. You're holding on a relationship that doesn't have the heart of God, or you're holding on to a view of that person that doesn't align with the heart of God. And so you're submitting yourself in a way that is abusive. You're submitting yourself in a way that is Constricting. You're submitting yourself in a position that is not allowing you to grow into who God wants you to be. And the Lord is saying get ready for a promotion. He wants to position us in Places and spaces where we have the room to grow and we're not being restricted. And I'm going to get into the scriptural basis of that in just a minute, but let me tell you what really kind of Confirmed it is this ultimate authority. You know, didn't have us patients, was very critical and then said, after making it clear, we're getting ready to hand out promotions. He grabbed two people and said he didn't physically grab them, but he said you guys go race one another, and so they go on this baseball field and they race one another around the bases and they had the joy of God doing it, but it was a performance. It was them performing for this authority instead of just being who they are and working what they've been called to work, doing what they've been called to do. There was a performance and a physical exertion. There's this physical striving that was being required of them. That did not line up with the heart of God. And the spirit of God has just been saying to me many of us are in a rat race. Many of us feel like we're chasing our tails. Many of us, whether it's in a church setting, whether it's in a job setting, whether it's in a relationship setting, you feel like you've been, you've been running after something, but it's not been spiritual, it's been physical. And here we are, on the first day of September, the Lord saying I'm getting ready to promote you and elevate you in the spirit, get ready for a promotion. But he is very serious about putting you in the right position and the right place for your promotion. There has to be room for you to grow. There has to be room for you to grow. Just think about a womb. When the baby's growing, the womb has to grow and so there's a place where capacity will make available the space for you to grow. Think about, as you grow up you start with having a room, right, or you might start with a bassinet, then you move up to a crib, then you have more room, and then you grow up and you have an apartment and then, as you grow even more, you have a house and then you might buy a larger house. Glory to God. And so the spirit of God is saying he wants to promote you but also elevate you in the space and place where you are, so you have room to grow. You don't have to stay in a rat race to get promotion. I'm going to show you this in scripture. I'm going to show you this in scripture. But watch this. Psalm 75 says this in verse four I said to the boastful this is the Lord, do not deal boastfully. And to the wicked do not lift up the horn, meaning pride in your strength. Do not lift up your horn on high, do not speak with a stiff neck. That means someone who's in authority, someone who has the ability to do this. He's saying no, no, no, don't lift yourself up, don't be strong, just submit, be kind, don't walk like the wicked walker. They want to show off their strength, they want to show off what they have. He says no, don't deal boastfully. And some of us are finding ourselves around people or submitted to people who are dealing boastfully. They boast in their position and they want to lord it over you. And then verse six says in Psalm 75, for exaltation, or in other translations promotion comes from neither the east or the west or the south, but God is the judge. He puts down one and exalts another. So some of us have been thinking that it's up to a person for you to be promoted. Some of us have been thinking it's up to a person for you to gain access to something. There's a yes and a no there. Yes, god has gatekeepers, absolutely in the spirit. But it's ultimately up to God. And God is even telling people who are in authority do not lift up your horn, do not deal boastfully. He's warning them. You don't want to do that, because promotion truly comes from me, the blessings truly come from me, and so God wants to remind you. If you find yourself like those people in my dream, running around a baseball field wearing yourself out, performing for a person and you still have your joy, but you just discern something's not right, it's because something's not right. The Lord is bringing healing to people who have sat under leaders who have been boastful about their role in your promotion. Promotion does not come from man, it comes from the Lord. Listen to what the Lord said to me. He says I am opening doors for the faithful who have not sought their own. He says I am opening doors for the faithful who have not sought their own way. I'm opening doors of escape and doors of promotion. Submit your heart to me, not man. God is aligning the church with his heart. This shaking that we're going through is all about the church coming into alignment with God's heart, and so there are places in the church right now where people really lord over others, that they are in control of their promotion or in control of their anointing right, or in control of their getting license and ordained and released into ministry, and this is not the heart of God. This is abuse. The Lord is saying to me. There are many of you who have felt like you have been trapped. You've been seeking just to serve God, but there's been this abuse or pride associated with those who you've been submitted to and self-centered ministry leaders who have convinced you that your promotion comes from them. And the Spirit of God says I release you today. Come into my promotion, come into my promises that do not depend on your performance, but your humility. Oh, god says do not depend. He says come into my promises that do not depend on your performance, but your humility. God is promoting the truly humble and, make no mistake, he is sending you free from restrictive leadership. We have to be careful, though, that we're not walking in criticism. I'm not here criticizing all leaders. I'm not here criticizing the majority of leaders. I am not here to say that it's your job to critique your leader. What I'm saying is in the spirit. What do you discern? Do you discern that things are in the right space and place in terms of the way you've been treated? Are you being honored? Honored is a two-way street in ministry. We both should honor one another. We should esteem one another as better than ourselves. So we have to be careful when not walking in criticism. So I'm not telling people to pull a trigger right now, but seek the Lord, because if you're truly seeking God and to serve Him and you've been under leaders who have had you under their thumb, the Lord is saying it's time for you to walk in my light without the shade. I will promote you, not them, meaning he's the one who promotes you. They're not the ones that promote you. He will. And so the Lord shared with me that so many have been waiting on people to promote them and that's why they've sat under leaders and teachers who have been mistreating them or abusive to them. And the Lord reminded me he did not allow Moses to step into the Promised Land because Moses wanted to handle the rod as a man of Egypt. So the people of God come to Moses and Aaron and they say there's no water here and they complain. So the people were out of alignment. So the Spirit of God in the Scriptures writes down that Moses and Aaron go before the Lord and they enter to the glory of God before the Lord, before the people, knowing that the people were out of line and so they were in the right place. So they're hearing from God. Your leaders are hearing from God, but it's what they do when they step out of the presence. Are they walking with the heart of God? So God says take the rod, moses, and go and speak to the rock. Listen to what he says. He says take the rod. This is in numbers 20, verse 8. You and your brother Aaron, gather the congregation together, speak to the rock before their eyes. He says speak to the rock before their eyes and it will yield its water. Bible is saying if you operate as the way I endorse, the Spirit of God will flow and you don't have to use your own strength. He's talking to leaders. He says thus, you will bring water out of the rock and give drink to the congregation and their animals. This is how ministers, leaders, are supposed to operate. Go into the glory, get the instruction and do it just like God said, with his heart. So it says Moses in verse 9, took the rod from before the Lord, as he commanded him. He started out well. He took the rod, so he was walking the authority of God. He's walking in the strength of God. He's walking in the anointing. And then, verse 10, moses and Aaron gathered the assembly together before the rock. They're still in line. And he said to them here now, you rebels. Must we bring water for you out of this rock? Who was at the center of that statement? Moses was. Moses was at the center. Must we, do I have to do this for you again? This is the bitterness of ministry coming out of Moses. He had pleaded before the Lord many times before the rebellious people and you can hear his anger, you can hear his bitterness and resentment come out when he said here now, you rebels. He called them rebels, he accused them of being rebels, he labeled them as rebellious people. And he was motivated by his frustration and anger and resentment and bitterness and says do I have to bring water for you out of this rock? No, it's not up to you, moses, it's up to God. And then Moses lifted his hand verse 11, and struck the rock twice with his hand, not once, but twice. It was anger. Water came out abundantly in the congregation and the animals drank. This is where we get mixed up, because the spirit moves, because God is getting glory, because ministry is happening. We think that means it's being done the right way. The water came out, the people drank, the animals drank. But look at what God did in verse 12. The Lord said to Moses in Aaron, because you did not believe me or hallowed me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore, you shall not bring this assembly into the land which I have given them. Listen to me, your entrance into your promises does not depend on a man. It depends wholly on God. The people worshiped Moses and God knew, if he entered into the promised land with this abusive mindset that he brought with him from Egypt and Pharaoh's house, that the people would begin to worship Moses. And this is what's happening in our churches. We worship our leaders. We're not submitted to God to the point where we don't idolize our leaders. We're willing to put down the idols of mankind for the Lord. That is where we should be. But we're idolizing our leaders because our leaders have put them in positions themselves in position to be idolized. They've been promoting themselves as those who have to do something on your behalf, and they do have that assignment. But they're supposed to carry the heart of God. Pray this prayer with me, lord. Show me your heart and your glory. Cause my heart to follow yours. If I am submitting the leadership that is harmful for my growth, please show me. I want to follow you, not men. I'm gonna put that prayer in the comment section. I'm gonna do it right now so you can pray that prayer. Glory to God. I'm gonna put it in right now because I believe somebody needs to pray this prayer Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy Glory to God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus, thank you God. I don't think it's gonna let me put it in there, but here's the prayer Lord, show me your heart and your glory. Cause my heart to follow yours. If I'm submitting to leadership that is harmful for my growth, please show me. I want to follow you, not men. God is setting us free from this rat race. The Lord is saying for some, your promotion is your escape. Literally, you getting out from under leadership, whether it's at your job or elsewhere, is your escape. Letting go of dead works and dead places will bring you into new life in ministry and other areas. Be open to the Lord, showing you where his heart and your leader's heart do not align and allow the Lord to rescue you from the rat race. No more chasing your tail in hopes of a promotion. Seek me, says the Lord. I am not a harsh taskmaster. Moses was raised in the house of Pharaoh. Moses was raised in an environment of a dictator and God could not allow the Egypt that was still inside of Moses to enter into the Promised Land, because the people would have ended up just like they were in Egypt. They were used to being mistreated and Moses was used to seeing a certain people treating the Jews a certain way and, as much as he was a man of righteousness and justice, there was a part of him that still was connected to Pharaoh's house, and the Lord loves Moses. I'm not here to criticize Moses. I'm just telling you the reason why Moses was not allowed into the Promised Land is because the spirit of Egypt, which is an oppressive, limiting spirit. Egypt means limitation, it means a place of limiting. God didn't want limits placed on the people through Moses and he saw that Moses. It was a test. It was not just for the people to get water, it was a test of Moses' heart. I'm not going to tell you to strike the rock like I did last time, moses earlier in Scripture. This time I'm going to say speak to the rock and will you believe me? He did not believe God. He thought he still had to use the rod physically to strike the rock, to show his power, to show he's in charge, to show the people you better bow down to me, you better obey me, you better respect me. And those leaders that are like that, god is judging them. God is talking to them right now. God has been speaking to them. Some are not listening, but let me tell you that doesn't mean you have to stay there Now. I'm not praying for a mass exodus from churches or mass exodus from jobs, but I'm telling you that just because the spirit's moving in your church does not mean that the leaders are carrying the heart of God. You've got to discern this for yourself. Let us pray, father. We just want to be where you want us to be, god. I pray, in the spirit of God, that the spirit of criticism does not take over this message in our hearts. God, I pray you settle us into your heart. Humility, come alive. Submit yourselves under the mighty hand of God and he will exalt you in due time. Promotion does not come from the east of the west, nor the south. It comes from the Lord. God, we will submit to you in one another. But, lord, we will not find ourselves idolizing people and trusting them for the promotion. God, I pray you set us free from this subtle, this sneaky spirit that sneaks into the church, that makes men and women those who we worship. I pray you just decimate it and I pray you help us find the way of escape so that we can get into the promotion, the promoted place, the elevated place that you have for us in this season. Lord, this is our prayer. In your hands is all the power and the glory, and we trust you. Lord, you are the rod. Oh God, you are the rod, moses, you are the strength of Moses. He didn't need to hit anything, he just needed to hold you. And that's where we need to be. We need to be close and holding on to the Spirit of God and walking with the Spirit in your authority, but also in your peace and your confidence. It is by our weakness that your strength is made perfect. Humble us, god, and bring us into promoted places. This is my supplication for your people in Jesus' name, amen, amen, listen, I praise God. I believe the Lord is going to have me here again tomorrow morning. The Lord has had me preparing to hear from Him for a word for you every single morning. We're calling this morning watch, morning watch. Thank you so much for your time. We are in the midst of a fundraiser for our ministry $50,000 we're looking to raise for our international ministry here at Faith Fire. If you want to learn more about that, go to Faithfireworldwidecom. We've got international ministry beginning in the month of November all up into the year 2024 and we're looking for partners and monthly givers to join. If you want to sign up for our email newsletter and receive these words to your inbox, you can receive them. I pray that you will share this and like this, because people need to hear that God is creating room for them to be promoted and it doesn't mean they have to stay under leadership that has been mistreating them. Oh, we cannot allow the spirit of Egypt to remain in our churches and when we discern it, we've got to flee. We cannot. Our promised land is free of limitations from the enemy. God is the one who sets boundaries. Amen. God is the one who sets boundaries. Glory to God. I praise God for you. If you want to sign up for a text alerts, you can send the word Faith Fire one word to 55498. Faith Fire to 55498. God bless you until next time. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May you lift his countenance upon you and give you peace, and we'll see you again here, hopefully tomorrow morning between 738 am. God bless you, bye, bye.

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