FaithFire Media

"Do You Have Life?"

May 03, 2021 FaithFire Media Season 1 Episode 1
FaithFire Media
"Do You Have Life?"
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Do you have life? Seems even like a trick question...

In our first FaithFire Media episode, Frank explains how subtle and how serpentine bondage can become.

He also exposes how media and what we consume through our "gates" can put us on a path toward destruction.

Finally, he explains how to get free from where you feel imprisoned!

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Hello and welcome to faith fire me the I am your humble host Frank Mickens and it is my honor to be with you today. Look, we've got a lot in store for you here at faith fire media and not just today but anytime you tune in to faith fire media, our goal is to fanned the flame of revival in you and all over the world. That is the Ministry of faith fire worldwide revival ministries, and that is the Ministry of faith fire media. You'll find us on YouTube, and you'll find us wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. Now, I'll tell you a little bit about me and then we're gonna move forward Frank Mickens in case we haven't made acquaintance yet. I am a 20 year veteran and television news I worked as a reporter, investigative reporter and anchor, most recently an anchor in Indianapolis where I anchored the morning's television show and anchored the evening television news in Greensboro, North Carolina for several years. But the Lord recently called me out of my chosen profession, and called me into another chosen profession, and that is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We started our ministry in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, after working in Indianapolis three years move back to Greensboro, North Carolina on faith, after we got dreams and visions from the Lord and several confirmations that he was calling me out of conventional commercial television news and into the gospel. And we found it faith fire faith fire is a ministry that is engaged and is seeking to see souls saved all over the world. We want to see a national day of revival we want to see revival broadcast all over the world. And we also want to use sports and entertainment venues to preach the saving and healing gospel of Jesus Christ. This is one of those venues here at the podcast, faith fire medium. So here we are, have moved, our family moved, we're doing ministry, and what you're going to find here today is a topic. Do you have life? Do you have life, I'm not talking about the life that you're living that has to do with oxygen in your lungs. I'm talking about spiritual life, the life that really matters that gives you joy in your spirit. It's not about your emotions, it's about peace with God. It's about knowing what's going to happen when you die. It's about knowing your destiny, how you're supposed to change lives, how you are set to be service in service to Jesus Christ. Why were you born? Do you have life? Are you free from sin? Are you free from oppression from demonic spirits? Are you under a pressure from demonic spirits? We're going to talk about a lot of that today. So I hope you stay tuned. We'll be right back after this introduction.

Frank Mickens back here with you with Episode One of faith fire media. And I'm extremely excited to be with you today. This is going to be a whole lot of fun. I hope you dig into the word with me today. And I hope you come back. I hope you share this. Ask someone to subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you haven't subscribed, go to faith fire worldwide revival ministries on YouTube. And you'll be able to see new episodes hopefully every single week, we're going to tackle topics topics that have to do with your life, your life in the spirit, the life that really matters, that which God planted in you that he's seeking to call out of you from now until you go home to heaven. We'll talk about how you get to heaven. But first, I really want to ask you a challenging question. And it has to do with today's topic. Today's topic is do you have live? Do you have life? Do you feel alive? Do you feel that you're walking with God? Do you feel like that you're free to be who you were born to be? And I'm not talking about sexual identity, racial identity, none of that that is not what's most important to Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ came to save souls. Jesus Christ came to give you a abundant life. JOHN 1010. Jesus, his words are, I have calm, that they might have life and have it more abundantly. So we're going to talk about that. And we're going to talk about the enemy of your souls plan to snatch you away from every opportunity to have spiritual life. I'm going to share a dream with you what you're going to also find out

Fire is the Lord speaks to us through dreams and visions. He of course, speaks to us through His written word. So every dream and vision and in anything I get from the Lord, I take it to Scripture and ask the Lord to teach me Show me what it is that he's trying to show me in Scripture. So I can teach it so I can learn it, he could preach it to me first. But if he wants me to share it, and teach it and preach it to you, and share it, for your benefit, that I can do that as well. So that's what we're going to be doing here at faith fire. So I'm going to read my notes from this dream. And again, if you're watching this right now on YouTube, share this like this, get the word out to a friend, send the link, whatever you want to do, because I'm going to guarantee you just as the word promises in Isaiah, chapter 40, that the word of God when he sends it, it will accomplish what he sent it to do. And it is set to bring life in your life. I think we can get an amen on this. Even if you're not in the church. If you're not churched, you can be guaranteed that the word of God is going to change your life. That's actually in Isaiah chapter 55. We says my word does not come back to me empty, it will perform what I sent it to accomplish, and it's sent to bring life to you. So let's talk about this. This dream real quick talking about do you have life. So I've got my notes here in front of me, this was a dream that I got on March 1 of 2021, March 1 of 2021. So in this dream, I'm at a concert. I'm in the front row. It's an R Kelly concert. He's singing, but he's walking around. In fact, he's not on stage. He's walking around in front where people are in the front row. So he's on floor level walking around singing, he's entertaining, he's engaging with the crowd. It's very dynamic, charismatic, and a couple of guys in the front row are reaching out trying to get the microphone out of his hand. So here he is, he's singing, he's got his microphone. But some guys come out of nowhere. They're trying to grab it out of his hand, and he relinquishes control of the microphone. And this, these two men who were representing unclean spirits, one of them had the mic now he had control. He had the audience's attention. He's singing a song, under the same music as our Kelly song, but it was jibberish. No one could understand what he was saying. And I believe that is represented spiritual language, things that are hidden, subtle things that are coded things that we don't discern by our natural mind. The Spirit had an agenda and a message. Remember this, these demonic spirits have an agenda and a message and they try to instigate that and infiltrate that into your life. So while this unclean spirit is singing with the microphone, our Kelly relinquished, he got my attention because he was slithering in his movements. He was very serpentina very snake life, he had a goat tooth, and he was like a pimp. So if you imagine the stereotypical image of a pimp, somebody who's got all this clothing on and everything, but they have that go to the go tooth was there. And it really spoke to me. This is a person who's involved in manipulating people, abusing people, using people for their benefit, treating them like trash, using their bodies using their vessels, basically as a carpet to walk on to get what they want to get for their own satisfaction. And that is the goal. I want you to understand. In that same verse in john tin. The Lord Jesus says that the enemy comes only to steal, kill and destroy, he wants to pimp you he wants to destroy you abuse, you walk on, you manipulate your life for his benefit and his enjoyment, his entertainment for his satisfaction, because he's passionate about mistreating you because it brings him satisfaction and joy. That's what gets the devil moving on. And that's what gets the devil move up in the morning. Of course, he probably doesn't even sleep because he's so concerned about abusing God's people, God's creation, and that's you. So these unclean spirits aren't in total agreement with the operation of the kingdom of darkness. They've got this secret message. They've got this pimp agenda to mistreat people. And this was an older man in his 50s or 60s, someone that you would look to that might look wise. So he's dressed, right? He's looked in, right. He's subtle and seductive. And seducing people with this song. And people are thinking, Oh, man, I can trust this guy. He's got the mic in his hand. Anytime someone's got a mic. They've got authority. Well, what authority do they have? Who are they sent by? He was looking now into a camera and singing and slithering. He's singing a song to hypnotize and draw people into his sexual perversion. That was the spirit behind what he was singing it was sexual in serpentina and trying to seduce people sexually.

into sin. And this was coming through the TV screen through the music. And what I wrote down as I wrote my notes was this dream was exposing a strategy of the enemy, that he tries to use media to get into your gates and into your heart. So you've got gates, just like the Bible talks about the temple of God had gates, well, you're a temple of the Holy Spirit teaches the word. And you've got gates, points of entry, your senses, your touch, smell, taste, right, all of these things, your vision and your mouth, the enemy tries to enter these gates to get into your emotions, your mind, your intellect, your imagination, your passions, your desires, your will, your decision making process, that's your heart. So all of those decisions, you make those emotions, your will, your passions, your imagination, your intellect, your mind, those are all in your heart. It's not a place you can see, but it's there. It's who you are. It's how you're expressed. you express yourself through your emotions, your mind, your will, your intellect, these are the things that come out of you that drive your body, your actions. So the enemy wants to control your actions by controlling your heart getting into your mind and your willing your emotions. And he does that by trying to get in into your mind and heart through me the what you hear what you read, what you say, what you smell, what you touch. And so look at how this is compounded in this dream, it started with music, and then it went through a TV and broaden the reach. So when you're watching TV, reading books, going to the movies, you need to be discerning, because this is part of the enemy's domain, he wants to use entertainment, like this podcast, and YouTube and Facebook and all those different places we can go and consume something. He wants to control the food that you eat, so that he could impact your heart and then impact your behavior. Because he wants to kill, steal and destroy. If he can, can change if he could change your behavior to put you in a destructive

mindset and destructive line of thinking and the destructive habit. That's what he's gonna do. He is the author of it. So this, again, is exposing a strategy, the enemy, we're gonna go to the Word of God about this in just a second, I've got a phenomenal illustration for you a phenomenal illustration. But before I get to the illustration, I want to finish out this dream. So as I was writing this dream down, I was reminded of sirens in mythology. These were the characters in mythology where, you know, they would sing out to people who were out on ships, and they would seduce them, right sexually. They were doing these were these were women sirens. And they were kept out were near rocky places that were dangerous. So they were trying to draw men out in ships into dangerous places. Why to destroy them. Why? Because it satisfied them for who knows why they might not have had a good reason. I'm not a mythological scholar. But the point is, that's what I was reminded in of in this dream. And I think that's an illustration for you. So I looked up siren in my Bible app. I actually type siren in the Bible. I'm saying, okay, Lord, you sent me this dream. Show me again, in your word, what you're saying what you're talking about. And he took me to the story of Samson and Delilah. So if you go to your Bible app, if you've got the Life Church Bible app, and you type in siren, it'll, it'll continue to Delilah. So Delilah is representing that same spirit, a spirit that wants to seduce you, and bring you on to subjection by a sexual perversion by a message that draws you. Now I looked up the word Delilah in the Hebrew and listen to what Delilah says. This is the character that's trying to draw you. It means to slacken, to be feeble, to be oppressed, to bring low to dry up to be empty to be not equal, to fail, be impoverished and to be made thin. So this spirit of Delilah, this seductive spirit The idea is to steal, kill and destroy and make you feeble oppress you bring you low dry you up, empty you out make you unequal cause you to fail, make you impoverished make you thin slack in you make you feeble. So these are the things we need to bear in mind. This empowers us to be steadfast against the enemy's plan, that there's a cost to agreeing with the enemy. There's a cost to consuming the media that is seeking to draw us like sirens into rocky places that will cause destruction in our lives. The Bible talks about that pride comes before the fall. So so we need to be careful. We can't

Be prideful. We've got to be

humble when we're seeking the Lord in our lives not to just go and consume any and everything is not healthy. So the word picture for Delilah, there was an ancient Hebrew language before the Hebrew letters that we know of today. And that Hebrew hieroglyphic, okay was word pictures. They had pictures just like a hieroglyphics you hear about in Egyptian tradition, and in that in that high row glyphic script that they use back then, you actually have several symbols that spell out Delilah. And they are a door, a picture of a door and two shepherds with staff to shepherd staffs. So you can look this up. If you look up Delilah and ask for the Hebrew, ancient picture word picture for that name. You'll see a door and two shepherds. What does that represent? Somebody being shepherded strongly, it's two shepherds, not one, two shepherds drawing you through a door. So Delilah to make you feeble oppress you to empty you out to dry you up to cause you to fail to make your impoverished to make you an eagle to slack in you. She tries to do this, this spirit tries to do that by drawing you through a door. I love that because we talked about gates. So the gates are where the enemy really puts his attention. So there's an agenda through media, the enemy has to suck life out of you. So I'm going to give you a personal example of something. It was about a couple of months ago, before I was even preparing this message. And I was out with my kids at a park in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina where we live. And this fella comes up to me he's homeless, and I'm talking to him ministering to them asking him how, you know he's doing these kinds of things. And then he says, Hey, I want to give you something he hands me a binder. And in this binder, our comic book, character bio BIOS. So it wasn't like comic books, stories, but little pages that had information about who the Avengers are in Iron Man in the light. And so he gives it to me out of the kindness of his heart. And I said, oh, wow, cool. And then he says, Man, you won't believe where I got this. I got this from behind the comic book store over there off battleground. And I was like, wow, that's not very likely. But okay. And then the next day, I said, You know what, I'm gonna go check out and see what that guy's saying is, if it's true, and I took my kids, we went behind the comic bookstore. Sure enough, they had two bins full, two bins full of comics that they just brand new that they threw out, they had never been read. They were old issues. And so man, I just started leafing through them and taking those out. And I just said, Hey, I'll take this one. This one This Batman, Thor, Wonder Woman, Spider Man, but yet they had it all Superman men name it they had, and a lot of them. They had material that I wasn't comfortable with material that looked very dark. And I said, I'm not taking those, I'll take these other ones. It's a subtle difference that people might not recognize, but I recognize it. Because I'm very sensitive to spiritual matters. I don't want to consume things that don't honor Jesus, I don't want to consume things that could be bad for me and my family, I don't want to bring this stuff into my house. I don't want to make that an example for my kids and tell them Oh, it's okay for you to consume these things. When I know they're not bad for them. When I know they're not dedicated to holiness and purity, but they're dedicated to idols and darkness, and that they carry a message that will draw them away, my kids away or me. And I had these comic books in my trunk for several weeks, men weeks, and these things in my trunk. And I'm driving around and I just never felt released by the Lord, I never had peace, about reading them. I think I read maybe a couple pages of one didn't even read it just kind of leave through it as like, I just I have a good feel of it. And he eventually I threw them in the dumpster. Do it in the dumpster because I just had a feeling the law was saying, Frank, this is not for you. It's not good for you. And I'm not saying that to make myself out to be some purveyor or some arbiter of purity. No, that's God. That's what he does. It's in His Word. He keeps us pure by keeping us in His Word and showing us his principles that breathe life and bring fruit into our lives. But I'm telling you this because I want you to know this a real life example of what it is that I think the Lord wants us to do is subscribe to his mindset when we make decisions because there is an enemy that wants to draw us with a strong pool like two shepherds on either side of us through a door that heads toward destruction, to impoverish from park to poverty, to be feeble, to be in slack and to being destroyed, stolen from and killed. So, here in this message, the Lord I believe is exposing the source of confusion for some people, the source of anxiety for some people, the source of depression for someone out there, who am I talking to today, somebody

It just needs to let go of some media some things that you're consuming that are bringing the wrong spirit into your life hallelujah. So let's go to the Word of God. And I'm going to show you something here, I think you're going to enjoy it. So here we are in the book of Judges, chapter 16, verses four and five. And it says, After this talking about Samson, he loved a woman in the Valley of sorek, whose name was Delilah. And the Lords of the Philistines came to her and said to her, entice him and see and what his great strength lies, and by what means we may overpower him, that we may what bind him to subdue him, and we will each give you 1100 pieces of silver. So sarek where this is happening means vine, and the word again, in the ancient Hebrew picture language. Language is very interesting. The word for Sora is represented by a thorn, a tent peg, the head of a man and a picture of the sun on the horizon. So I had to seek the Lord like, Okay, what does this mean, Lord, because I know the Lord speaks through everything, nothing is by happenstance with God, nothing. He speaks, every syllable, every letter has a purpose says I sought the Lord. He said, the thorn or the pain or the sin is being fastened to a person, but tipic, right, it's being fastened, like a pig, pinning the pain to you. And it's happening in your mind. It's not physical pain, it's in your mind. So So again, there was a thorn, a toothpick, and the head of a man and a son on the horizon. So this is happening day after day after today. So this vine, this place of bondage, that where the enemy resides where the enemy wants to draw you as a place where the enemy wants to fasten pain to your mind, fascin sin in your mind day after day after day. It's a cycle of bondage, the Valley of the vine, the Valley of sorek represents bondage being caught in bondage. And that word sorek is also closely related to a word that means his like a snake. So the same root word for sarek is connected to hissing. So here's Delilah. Remember, we talked about that spirit and the dream that was serpenti? Here's Delilah, this, this representation of the demonic spirit that wants to lower you to sleep and cause you to be dried up and feeble and slackened and impoverished and cause you to be stolen from killed and destroyed. It's subtle. It's it's like a snake. What do snakes do? They hide, they slid there, they're there. They're sneaky. They don't just show up blatantly. And say, oh, here's what I'm going to do. No, they come in

underhandedly trying to pull us away. And so that's the enemy's plan. That's the enemy's plan. Here's what Delilah means.

I'm just showing you to you again, to slack and be feeble, to be oppressed, to bring low dry up, be empty, to be not equal fail to be impoverished to be made, then that is the enemy's plan for you. You cannot agree with that plan. Right? We just don't want to agree with that plan. But again, where we are in this story in Jeju. 16 is a place associated with snakes, and binding and pain. And day after day bondage in your mind seems innocent. It's just a valley. No, this is a location the Lord doesn't want you to be.

And so let's go back to that verse five, where the Philistines the Lords of the Philistines, which I believe represents Ephesians six talks about their powers of principalities. Well, these powers these Lords of the Philistines represent demonic spirits. And they came to Delilah and said, entice him and see what his great strength lies. They're looking for chinks in the armor. They're looking for an entry point. And they came to her knowing that her ideal was money. Her idea wasn't Samson's best interest, she would do whatever it took in order to get that money. So money we do know can be a perverting type of ingredient.

So let's go to further down to Genesis 16. Genesis 16, starting verse six. So Delilah said to Samson, she's already agreed to this plot, please tell me where your great strength lies and with what you may be bound to afflict you. And Samson said to her, if they bind me with seven fresh bow strings, not yet dried, then I shall become weak and be like any other man. I don't know about you. But all this sounds weird. She says straight up. How is it that I could take advantage of you? And Samson gives her an answer, and he's playing around with her. He doesn't give her the real answer the real secret to his power, and he does this over and over and over again, three or four times.

Seek he plays with this spirit verse 10. Delilah said to Samson look, you have mocked me and told me lies now please tell me what you may be bound with the enemy will keep coming and coming and trying to gain entry. And Samson playing around with it again if they bind me securely with new ropes that are never been used, and I shall become weak and be like any other man, this is where we can get into this mindset. Oh, I'm fine. It's no big deal I can drink on occasion I can look at pornography every once in a while I can smoke weed every once in a while I can listen to this music that's misogynistic and glorifies murder. I can listen to this music that glorify sex outside of marriage, I can glorify music that that doesn't dignify women that doesn't dignify marriage, and that I'm okay. I'm mature enough. Listen, it's a lie. It's a lie. That spirit will not stop trying to gain injury and make a home and draw life out of you. Somebody is watching this, you're addicted to pornography, somebody is watching this, and you're addicted to drugs, someone's watching this, and you're just filled with anger. Because you like how it feels to be man. Some people don't want to let go of unforgiveness because you like holding people accountable for what they did to you. It makes you feel better. You're going to hate that person for the rest of your life. You've made a vow, I'm never going to love this person. That is the enemy's plan. And we cannot ascribe to that. We cannot ascribe to that. Let me tell you an example of this. In real world history, have this subtle thing actually is set to tear down even the strongest of us if we even think we're strong. Paul even warned us he says let everyone take heed lest you fall take he when you see destruction somewhere else. Pay attention unless you fall so that you will be empowered and have wisdom and know how to avoid a pitfall that someone else fell in. But this is a real world history example of how even the strongest and seemingly impregnable walls can be usurped. I was studying Babylon, Babylon was a kingdom. And they were a powerful kingdom. And you know, a powerful Kingdom had a powerful army and a powerful

defenses so that their enemies couldn't come and take their wealth, take their power, and that was Babylon. So here it is in the world encyclopedia. I'm going to read this. This is real world history. It says babylons walls were impregnable. And so the Persians cleverly devised a plan whereby they diverted the course of the Euphrates River, so then it failed to a manageable depth. And while the residents of the city were distracted by one of their great religious feast days, the Persian army waited the river they walked the river and marched right under the walls of Babylon, unnoticed. It was claimed the city was taken without even a fight, even though documents of that time indicate repairs had been made to the walls and some sections of the city. And so perhaps the action was not as effortless as the Persian account maintained. The point though, was the Persians took down Babylon. How do they do it subtly? How did they do it? They took advantage of the pride of the Babylonians, they said, oh, we're impregnable, we're gonna have a religious feast. We're going to enjoy our religion. We're going to just celebrate or say, yeah, that Euphrates is lower than he used to. We've seen that before. We're fine. We're victorious. We're strong.

And little by little, that that water went down. You know, water can represent the spirit and in the spirit. You know, if you're not walking with Jesus, reading the Word, worshiping seeking God spending time with God, your level of His Spirit in you will get so low that the enemy can walk right in to the gates. So obviously, the gates right. The way that they entered the city was a place that was normally underwater. It was normally not visible, it was normally not accessible, but they found a way to divert the river. And the enemy wants to divert the power of the Holy Spirit in your life out of your life by causing you to seek the wrong food, the wrong media, the wrong input.

Look at this scripture, Proverbs 423. Keep your heart with all diligence. You got to be diligent, and look, assess for out of that heart spring, the issues of life. So if we can command our heart, if we can take care of our heart, we're winning. And we've got to do that. We've got to take care of our

Heart, we can't let the enemy get in, we can't let the enemy suck the life out of us. And then here comes the enemy, doing what the enemy does, walking right in and making a home where he doesn't belong. So they were distracted, they were distracted by religion, they didn't even notice the root causes of the draining of the river. Sometimes we don't pay attention to the root causes of our behavior. We say, oh, I've got a new habit. Oh, it's not that bad. But we don't look at where did it start. They didn't look at the root causes of the draining of the Euphrates River. They didn't go and find who was responsible. And sometimes we have behaviors in our lives, the Lord allows those outward expressions of problems, just like when you have a cut, and it's painful, and you pay attention to it. There's an outward expression of the problem so you can get to the root and get the root healed. Some of us just need to be healed, and the healing is in Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ says you need him. You need him to come into your gates, you need him to make a way he says, Come to me, everyone who's weary and heavy laden, I will give you rest. And he says, come and learn of me. And you will find rest in your souls. So we can read a lot. We can watch a lot. We can listen to a lot of stuff. But if it's not learning him, we're missing out. He's saying, Listen to what Jesus says Isaiah 61 and verse one, Jesus, when he walked on this earth, read this scripture aloud in the temple, and said, this day, this has been fulfilled. So he said, This is my ministry. So Isaiah 61 verse one says, The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed Jesus to preach good tidings to the poor. You poor today, do you feel low and impoverished in an area of your life? Jesus said, he is sitting me to heal the brokenhearted Are you brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives? Do you feel captained by something, you just can't shake free, not in your own strength, you've tried everything he just says, and the opening of prison to those who are bound, he's preaching the opening up of prison to those who are bound. These are the words of Jesus. The other thing you need to do, once you have Jesus in your life is garter gates. So you're being invited right now to, to invite Jesus Christ into your life. I got to do say, I have faith in you, Jesus, I trust you, Jesus, here's my life. I've tried it. And I need you. And if this is you, you pray this prayer, the Lord will come in He wants you to follow Him because He wants you to have that abundant life. Remember, he says, the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that you might have life and have it to the fullness, the fullness of life isn't Jesus, anything else. Less is not satisfactory. It won't satisfy you. You'll always feel empty. You'll always be hungry. He wants you to be hungry for him because it his presence is fullness of joy.

In his presence, or pleasures forevermore, that's the word of God. That's a promise. And the word of God is here for you. It's not here for me and me alone is not here for us to sound smart. The Word of God is here to accomplish something in your life. He wants you to internalize that media. So fake fire media is just one place to go. But I want to encourage you read this Bible. Read this bottle every day. Ask the Lord to show you how to apply something in this word to your life everyday. Get the word of the Lord for your life. How do you possess the gates of your soul? Jesus said to His disciples, possess your souls in the Word of God, this is in Luke 21. He says possess your souls, meaning take ownership of your soul. Let me see if I can pull it up real quick. Take ownership of your soul. Don't be afraid to take possession to take ownership over your soul. It's Luke 21, verse 19. In your patience, possess your soul, meaning you've got to be deliberate. What did we just talked about diligence. You've got to be diligent and take ownership and say, This is the soul God gave me. Lord, what do you want me to do? What do you want to pour into my soul so that I could take ownership of my soul and then it'll be a soul at rest. He says, Come to me. If you're wearing heavy, heavy laden, I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me and you will find rest for your souls For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. What the enemy is going to do is weigh you down. It's not going to be easy life.

Now I'm not saying life is easy with Jesus but life is much easier with Jesus because you let him take control you let him fight your battles you apply faith where you before tried to try Bruce tried to apply Bruce

The intellect and they won't win, they won't fail. So I praise God for you. I want you to share this message with someone. I want you to pray the prayer of salvation. If that's you, if you're someone who needs Jesus Christ, and you know you don't have life right now, let's pray this prayer, Lord Jesus, I put my heart in your hands. I don't even know if you're real. But I have enough faith right now to say, if you're real come into my life and take over. I'm tired of being having my head beat up against a wall over and over. I've tried everything and it's not work, and I need truth. I need love, I need life. I need you. I need to submit my life to to a to a to a person, not a thing, not a book, not a motivational speaker, but to the creator of my soul who knows me better than I do. So come into my life. Take over God in Jesus name, amen. Get into a Bible believing church. Reach out to us if you need that help with that faith fire worldwide calm is a place where you could do that. And I want you to be prepared for next week. Before I wrap things up, I just want to leave you with this last thought. Watch what you eat. We hear that all the time when it comes to weight loss. Watch what you eat in terms of media who you're listening to. Right? What's your eating? Sure, but also what you're consuming, what you're listening to, what you're watching, what you're touching. What are you doing with your hands and feet? What do you smell?

What are you putting your attention on? I pray that this is a life changing message for you. I encourage you walk with Jesus just love Jesus. let Jesus love you. stay in contact with the Lord in His presence. And reach out if you need help. Finding a Bible believing church, a power field spirit filled church where you can be shepherded care for treated with compassion and dignity and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ with a fellowship of like minded believers that only want the best for you. Fire worldwide calm. If you want to donate to this ministry, that's where you can go faith fire worldwide calm you can also give them cash, no dollar sign for a fire worldwide. But God bless you Love you so very much. This is Faith fire media. This is our first episode we're wrapping up. I pray that it has been a blessing. And before we get out of here, I want to pray a benediction over you may the Lord bless you and keep you may the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you may lift his countenance upon you and give you peace until we meet together again and the church said Amen. In Jesus name. God bless you. We hope to see you right here next week, next Sunday. Until then, I'm Frank Mickens with faith fire worldwide revival ministries. Goodbye.

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