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"Winning Your Freedom" - PART FOUR

September 12, 2021 FaithFire Media Season 1 Episode 15
FaithFire Media
"Winning Your Freedom" - PART FOUR
Show Notes

We've looked at the enemy's schemes and his plan to keep you bound. We've exposed his devices. We've also looked at how the Lord wants you to SEE your victory! This week we want to dig deeper into how to expose the root of the problem you're facing. It's quite possible the enemy has built a stronghold in your life you can't seem to break free from. But it's a trick! Jesus came to set you free! This week, we talk about the strongman and how you can begin the process of disarming him and loosening his grip on your mind!

What's keeping you limited? What bad habit have you been battling? What issues of your life have you given up on? Is there something that seems impossible to overcome in your life? Whatever it is - finances, relationships, addiction, mental health, anger, fear, confusion - the Lord has VICTORY for you! This series entitled "Winning Your Freedom" will assist you with biblical tools to win your freedom that's already been won on the cross! Bring your faith and your bible. We're going to learn the tricks of Satan and how to overcome them!

Thank you for connecting with FaithFire! We hope what your experience will bring you closer to Jesus Christ. We love you.

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